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Friday, September 30, 2011

Camille Hart, a local St. Martinville resident and LSU literature student recently sat down with Audrey, a Cafe Des Amis volunteer chef and Seattle culinary arts student, to talk to her about the dishes being served at Gavin Devereaux’s charity album release party. The interview will be featured in the culinary arts section of the upcoming issue of LSU’s publication, The Daily Reveille. The following are her observations and her account.

Audrey’s my best friend, so this interview will be a breeze—if she’ll cooperate, that is. She’s a bit snarky and a bit of a control freak. If I can manage to get a few good answers out of her without her distracting me, it’ll be a miracle. She arrives at my place at 10AM sharp and immediately starts rummaging through my closet to find me something to wear to the release party. I sit on the bed with my tape recorder, trying like hell to get her to focus.

Aud, I only have a few questions and then I’m all yours. Can we please sit and have a normal interview—you know, a real adult conversation? Just 10 minutes, please?

Cam, just because you’re wearing your journalist hat for this school newspaper project doesn’t mean you get to be all bossy (rolls eyes, pulls two dresses from their hangers). First let me find you something suitable to wear to this party. You can’t show up in your Converse and jeans to this thing. This Gavin guy has a thing for you and we need to make sure he can’t take his eyes off of you.

Audrey. You know how I feel about calling attention to myself. I’m not showing up looking all Vanna White. Now just sit down and answer my damn questions!

I’ll rummage, you question. Shoot. (keeps her back to me, starts sifting through my shoes)

Fine. But I’m not trying on that massive pile of dresses you’re accumulating over there. Give me two or three to try and that’s it. Okay. So, tell me what made you want to volunteer at Cafe Des Amis. Are you familiar with their cuisine?

You’re trying on the whole pile and I don’t want to hear another word about it. This one will make your legs go for miles (shoves a strapless black mini-dress on my lap). Um...oh, right. Cafe Des Amis. Yes, I am familiar with their cuisine, although a lot of their dishes are very eclectic and unique to the Lafayette area, so they’re new to me. I’m looking forward to learning and trying some of their recipes. I wanted to volunteer the minute I heard that they needed additional hands to help with Gavin’s charity benefit. I love what his band is doing for the Duval Foundation. It’s so admirable.

Not to mention you’re trying to play matchmaker...

Camille Hart, I resent your paranoid assumptions (turns and smiles at me innocently, winks). But for the record, I won’t need to match-make anything. If you walk in that joint wearing that dress, he’ll come to you all on his own, trust me. Now stay on topic. I thought we were keeping this strictly business (sticks tongue out at me).

Anyway, tell me about the dishes you will be serving. What is your personal favorite and what can guests expect?

Well, we’re serving all kinds of Cajun Creole appetizers, but one of my favorite entrees—which I think guests will really like—is the Shrimp and Tasso Pasta. It’s a tender linguini pasta that’s served in a mouthwatering Creole mustard cream sauce with some of the best shrimp and tasso you’ve ever tasted. Oh! And the baked duck with pepper jelly and cane syrup glaze is absolutely delicious, too.

Oh, I love shrimp so I’m sure I’ll like the pasta. And what about dessert?

Gateau Sirop, or syrup cake, and bread pudding with rum sauce, I believe. Gateau Sirop is a favorite around here, and the Cafe Des Amis regulars apparently love it. Oh my...Camille Elizabeth Hart! You must wear a pair of peep-toe pumps with that black dress and you don’t have any. These just won’t do (tosses a pair of old plum-colored pumps into my closet and grabs my hand). Come on, we have to go buy you some right now. Bring your recorder thingy and we’ll finish the interview in the car.

What—Audrey, no! I do not need a pair of peep-toe whatevers. What I have in my closet will work just fine, thank you.

So help me, Cam, if you don’t get in the car with me right now, I’ll stuff you in the trunk myself and then lock you in that shoe store with me until you buy a proper pair of damn heels. When Gavin sees you tomorrow night, you’ll thank me (yanks me up off the bed and toward the front door). Now vĂ¡monos, woman!

Who’s the bossy one now?


Gave in to Audrey’s demands after a few more rounds of verbal smack down. I lost every one of them. Now I’m on my way to the shoe store and will resume the interview later. At least I managed to get her to share some details about the menu. Will have to pay her back for being so difficult. Perhaps I’ll set her up with Gavin’s friend, Gabe, for the party. I’ll spring it on her at the very last minute, right before we arrive. Yes...payback will be sweet.

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You can also read Camille’s interview with Gavin on September 30th here: Seeing Night Reviews, and her interview with Joel here: Book Passion for Life. Visit Rachael on: Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook.


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