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Let The White Doves Soar by Robert S Dahl

Thursday, September 8, 2011
Let the White Doves Soar: Volume I: "Tyranny" (Volume 1)Let the White Doves Soar: Volume I: "Tyranny" (Volume 1)

In late 1943, a young United States Army Air Force pilot, First Lieut. Jacob "Jake" Bradford is preparing for his first mission, ferrying a new B-25 bomber to North Africa. He meets his co-pilot and new friend, second Lieut. William "Buck" Henderson, who recently has had commando training. The two of them are about to embark on their dangerous and adventuresome World War 11 career, as they head for the war in the eastern Mediterranean theater. Their very first mission is a flight to Greece to parachute Buck into the hills east of Athens. This mission throws them into the brutal reality of "WAR". Meanwhile in Laviro Greece, Sara Emmanual a young Orthodox Jewish woman, who is an assistant professor at the local University has her life thrown into chaos, as the German Nazis continue Hitler's tragic "Final Solution" for the Greek Jewish people. The Germans have a stranglehold on the Greek people. Only individual strength, and those with undaunted courage, will have a chance to survive. Or is their destiny already decided?.....Or is it all luck?.....Or was God watching?.....Or not? *****KIRKUS*****REVIEW***** ---- U.S.Army Air Force pilots Jacob "Jake" Bradford and his buddy "Buck" Henderson are on their first mission over Greece----Meanwhile, Sara Emmanual, an Orthodox Jew and assistant professor in Laviro, is also on the run---- enjoyable---- the overall atmosphere is entertaining---- genuinely touching moments---- entertaining tale of World War II adventure.

Goodreads Summary

It's hard to give a summary of this book, so I think I won't for now.  The best summary is directly above my review!  I wasn't entirely surprised that I found this book a great read.  The author managed to infuse true emotion into the book, the reader will definitely be rooting for the main characters.  The author clearly did extensive research while writing this book too, history buffs will not be disappointed. 

The plot was terrific, but that's not a surprise given the action-packed summary.  The events were very fast-paced, yet still managed to stick with the reader throughout the book-no reader should have to reread a paragraph or get confused.  The main characters are very likable and even admirable.  The secondary characters were just as interesting to meet...some charming...some not so much, but they blended well in the book.  This book also manages to give the reader some history without becoming dry.  This book is recommended to young adults/adults.

5 Stars