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Guest Post: Gomez Porter

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Is It Like Listening To You Talk?
<img src="">As you probably know, to become an internationally best-selling author, you need to sell three books. This is not an easy task, but once you’ve managed to rack up these three sales, the rest is more or less a done deal.
      Now, these sales themselves will not put you on the best-seller lists. They won’t even put you within a million spots of the bottom of the lists, but what they will do, and what they do every time, is spark a slowly growing buying frenzy that will get you there.

      These three people will love your book, they will tell another five people, who in turn tell another seven. Within roughly four-and-a-half weeks, you finally make your first million.
      That’s how it happens. Every single time.
But, how does an author tackle this monumental task? Where does he find these three readers?
I myself was quite lucky. When my novel appeared on Amazon I already knew over five people! What’s more, some of these people even liked me... somewhat. So I set out to become an internationally best-selling author by convincing at least three of these five people to buy my novel.
I started with my mother. Of all the five people I knew, I probably knew her the longest. I showed her my Amazon page and she nodded approvingly. She did not, however, make any attempts to buy a copy. So I logged on for her, navigated back to my novel’s page, and left the mouse pointer conveniently positioned over the BUY button.
      She read the novel description again, searched-inside-this-book, and nodded some more. When I asked her if she’d like to buy a copy, she scrunched up her nose and said;
‘But what if I don’t like it?’
      I told her not to worry. ‘It’s a really good book,’ I said. ‘I should know. I’ve re-written it like 50 times. It’s really funny and interesting.’
      My mother wasn’t convinced. ‘I’m not really into comedy writing, though,’ she said.
      ‘It’s not just a comedy,’ I pointed out. ‘It has a real story; it’s a mystery. And it has twists and turns and believable characters.’
      My mother hesitated. ‘Maybe I should just play it safe and buy another Stephen King novel…’
I ended up having to offer a personal money-back guarantee, and purchase a copy using my own credit card for the time being, but she finally cracked. I’d made my first sale!
Next, I prodded my wife. Although she did like words in general, she wasn’t sure she was up for reading and entire book full of them. ‘Is this like your usual stuff?’ she wanted to know.
      ‘What usual stuff?’
      She shrugged. ‘I don’t know. Is it like listening to you talk?’
      ‘What’s wrong with they way I talk?’
      ‘Nothing. It’s just, well, sometimes you talk a lot of nonsense.’
      I waved it away. ‘Don’t worry,’ I said. ‘I am much more interesting and ‘telligible’ on paper.’
Long story short; my second sale is almost in the bag. Now I just need to find one more person to buy my novel, and I’ll be set for life!

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A Wedding Wager (Blackwater Brides #2) by Jane Feather

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather again delights with her new book in this entrancing Georgian trilogy featuring three noble brothers who are offered a preposterous opportunity to restore their family’s mortgaged lands. An eccentric uncle promises a lavish inheritance, but only if each marries—thus redeeming—a fallen woman. And if even one brother fails to fulfill the old man’s decree, none will gain the windfall.
Lady Serena Grantley was born to the nobility, but fortune's whim placed her in control of her gamester stepfather, who uses her beauty to lure young men to his gambling tables. Serena even dismissed her first love, the Honorable Sebastian Sullivan, at her stepfather's command. But when he attempts to force her into a liaison with a dissolute earl, Serena resolves to do his bidding no more. Sebastian is the only man who ever captured her heart, and it is to him she turns. . . .
Torn between family loyalty and the woman he loves, Sebastian faces a devilish dilemma. His uncle is ailing, and time is running short. Desperate to find a solution, Sebastian conceives a dangerous plan—a wager that could bring him and Serena happiness at last . . . or separate them forever.
Good Reads Summary

Lady Serena Grantley is forced to lead a life of gambling by her always broke, frequently on-the-run stepfather.  Lady Serena is also attempting to thwart her stepfather’s plans to marry a young woman for her money.  Her stepfather also forces her to leave her love, the Honorable Sebastian Sullivan.  However, the attraction between Serena and Sebastian leads them back to each other and to marriage. The author describes an appealing camaraderie between Sebastian and his twin brother Peregrine; her depiction of late eighteenth century London is excellent.  To entertain the reader when the intrigue between the three main characters becomes somewhat frustrating, Feather introduces William and Marianne Sutton who provide a touch of humor and common sense to the plot.
3 stars

Colleen Corsiglia

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Monday, June 27, 2011
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Fifty Shades of Grey Guest Post and an International ebook Giveaway =)

Friday, June 24, 2011


EL James June 2011

People often ask me when and where I write.  It’s an interesting question, and I think the answer is: all the time… everywhere.  I think a major part of the process is the thinking and day dreaming time that you do when you sort out a particularly knotty plot point or come up with a resolution to a scene, especially if like me you don’t follow an outline.  Of course this can happen when you’re in the shower, driving, doing the dishes (when do you ever do the dishes??? EL's hubs shouts) or reading through a lengthy contract at work (sorry Lisa!)  Or just when you are about to drop off to sleep... for me it’s especially when I’m about to drift off to sleep.  It’s the main reason I have a notebook by my bed so I can try to give my craven, overactive mind a rest and get some sleep.

I have found as I've got older that holding a thought in my head has become a challenge, and if I don't document it quickly it will skip laughing out of my consciousness, never to be retrieved.  I've had some brilliant ideas that are now sadly lost... um… I think.   Gah!  Who knows?

As for where, the actual process of putting words on to (virtual) paper also occurs all over the place.  Right now, I am on the 08:39 to Waterloo, and I'll shortly change at Clapham Junction to the 09:08 to East Croydon, where I’ll change again. That's right – I am subject to the vagaries of the British rail transport system on my way to work. (Can I just give a thank you shout out to South West Trains here, who know how to run a train system, whereas Southern Trains really don't.)

So I am writing on my BlackBerry.  It’s frustrating on a journey that’s broken by the change of trains (not once, but twice – but then I do work in the sticks.)  When I first started writing, I was miserable as sin in the particular job I had in central London.  But the commute was my solace, a place to where I could escape and write what was my first, as yet unpublished, novel (good idea shitely executed – needs reworking).  The thirty-five minutes to the office and back home again were a welcome escape from the tyranny I faced at work.   I used to get home and beam the contents from my old Nokia E71 via Bluetooth into my MacBookPro. On my commute I'd sketch out conversations and sex scenes, make random notes and sometimes write whole chapters, then rework and refine everything on the Mac.

I now avoid working full-time, so I can have odd days at home in front of my laptop, typing and tweeting in the relative comfort of my own house.  I still use a laptop, but at my desk it’s connected to a keyboard and a fancy-schmancy ergonomic mouse, so it’s more like a monitor, although it never leaves my side.  I even take it to bed with me, and if I really can’t sleep I can type a few notes on the laptop while the hubs is snoring away beside me.

Of course whenever I travel I take my trusted lappie.   I've used it to write on the ferry crossing between the UK and Ireland (it distracted me from seasickness) and on flights to Europe and the States.  In fact I began the epilogue for the Fifty Shades trilogy on a flight to Washington, even before I’d written the third book.  And if the battery ever runs out on the various devices I use, there’s always – gasp – pen and paper.  I am never without a notebook, just in case I have a good idea, and I’d advise anyone who wants to get into this writing thing to do the same – it’s how the Fifty Shades trilogy came into being.

And you never know, one day, you might end up seeing someone reading your first novel on the 08:39 to Waterloo.  Well, a girl can dream…

Where to buy
The Writer's Coffee Shop (paperback & ebook)
Amazon (ebook) (paperback)
Find out more about E. L. James
Author profile
Twitter @E_L_James

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Nicole Franklink Guest Blog Post =) and Giveaway :)


So, here you are! At the place where dreams are born, friendships are made, weight is gained and you learn more about yourself than in the classes you pay for. I’m here to offer mild suggestions to make the transitions through life easier and perhaps a little funnier. I have some experience with being new to campus. I was not prepared for college mentally or emotionally. I wasn’t ready to leave home, nor was I ready to grow up. As you will learn the more you live the more things will come that you are not ready for. You have to learn to live and just adapt to change.

My first message is for those of you that want to make your mark on campus and in the world. I can only encourage you to be yourself. Life itself is so unpredictable and change comes so unexpectedly that there is no need to change your-self to conform to some social norm. Many people spend their first years trying to pretend to be something they aren’t. Buying the latest clothes and shoes does not make you the “big man on campus.” You’ll look like the biggest loser on campus because you can’t afford your books, or you’ve run out of money on your meal plan and you can’t eat. Don’t spend your time trying to impress people. Chances are if they don’t like you for who you really are, they don’t need to be in your life anyway. You don’t have to fit in to a specific “crowd” in order to make college life successful. When it comes down to it, college life is about the experience, not how cool you were so don’t be afraid to be different. Learn how to try new things; like join a Registered Student Organization, get involved within clubs for your major, go out and make friends, stay in and keep the friends you have. There is no need for you to try and be everyone’s best friend because we all know that not everyone is going to like us, and we have to be mature enough to accept that and keep it moving forward.

Go to class! You might as well; you’re going to pay for it anyway! While you’re in class learn something, find a major that suits you so that you can actually be awake in class. Learn how to live outside of the box, and if you have to… build your own box. Someone is eventually going to come along knocking asking to borrow a cup of sugar, so while you’re at it get to work on yourself. How can you improve someone else’s life without taking a step back and realizing and correcting your own faults?

SO… the lesson for today is don’t be afraid to be yourself, for when we are no longer concerned with other people’s thoughts about us, we have reached a new level of maturity. Besides if you change into someone else then who’s to say the people you’re trying to impress are going to like the new you anyway? Too much change and you’ve lost the one person that appreciated and honestly liked you for you…(YOU)

Author Bio:

Miss Nicole L. Franklin was born on April 17th 1987 to a mother that has inspired her to be her best from that day on. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She attended Morgan Park High School in Chicago, Illinois and graduated with a high school diploma in 2004. She was the recipient of the 2004 Chicago Park District’s Junior Citizen of the year award. Nicole received her B.A. in English Education in 2009 from Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois. She was involved in five extracurricular activities including the Black Student Union, the Competitive Cheerleading team, and Jumpstart an AmeriCorps program. She is currently a ninth grade teacher at a Chicago Public High School and a graduate student at the University of Southern California. Nicole has been volunteering and coaching cheerleading with the Chi-Town cheerleaders for over ten years. She has been dreaming of stories and writing them for over twenty years. She strives to bring a voice to people that endure everyday ordinary situations but need a release in wondering if they did, or are doing the right thing. She has one general message... Do whatever it takes, to follow your dreams.

To enter the giveaway become a GFC follower and leave a comment with your email address for Nicole. 

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, Nicole!

Cool Giveaway On Another Blog

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Giveaway from An Awesome Blogger! Amazing Giveaway from another blogger!

Win a SIGNED Copy of “This Side of The Grave” or “Halfway to The Grave” by Jeaniene Frost!  It is an international giveaway!!!

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June Bug: J.T. Harding

New England in the early eighties was a simpler place. Ben and June had been summer friends since they could barely walk. As the years pass their friendship deepens and changes until the events of the year they turn eighteen bring a seismic change in their relationship.
June bug is a story of innocence and unwavering love, a story of two young people who discover that love also has a deeply physical side.
Warnings: contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adults, nudity, swimming, mention of lobsters, and mathematics (you have been warned!)

Good Reads Summary

This novel is full of steamy, fun romance.  The reader should be over 18 to fully enjoy this novel.  The main characters, a couple, allow the reader to follow them during their growing love.  The book spans a couple of summers.  The main characters are loving and caring towards one another, lending to the credibility of the love story.  Some scenes are explicit, but the author doesn't take it overboard.  The plot is not unique, but this love story carries its own special quality.  The reader will be able to finish this novel in less than a day, making it a perfect read for a trip or a rainy day.  This book is recommended to adults who enjoy romance in their novels.

4 stars

Defending Glory: Anne K Albert

Survivor's guilt. Unable to resume his career with the FBI, Mac McKeown moves to northern Minnesota to start over. He discovers the body of his nemesis on Glory Palmer's property, along with a warning for her to leave while she still can and abandon her dream of building a Christian retreat, His past has come back to haunt him. He vows to keep her safe... but how will he protect his heart?

Good Reads Summary

The reader will not be bored with this novel.  The author has the unique ability to make everything come alive for the reader.  This is a mystery that will have the reader on the edge of his/her seat.  The main characters are both very interesting and will capture and hold the readers' attention.  Human trafficking is not a typical topic for a novel, making this novel even more interesting for the reader; the topic is discussed with an obvious knowledge on the author's part of human trafficking.  This is an inspirational novel that will be enjoyed by adults and young adults who enjoy reading a book that acknowledges the spiritual side of reality.

3 stars 

Rock by Katrina Parker Williams

War is hell...but so is the homefront. How can a man whose life is saved in the war not acknowledge the man who saved him? Ask Rock, a 2334-word short story about a colored World War I veteran who saves a whole white infantry unit. Hezekiah Bennett, nicknamed Rock in the War because he had a head shaped like a rock, all lumpy and dented, is a war hero. But what does Rock face when he returns to the homefront at war's end?

Amazon Review

This is an interesting novel.  The plot is different, but not unique.  The main character is interesting enough to draw the reader in.  The concept of his nickname is odd, but funny.  The events are fast-paced and the setting is perfect for the novel's purpose.  The reader may have liked a few of the secondary characters to be high-lighted a little bit more.  The dialogue fits the novel, the characters help pull the novel together; the author could have emphasized a little bit more on the war itself.  Overall, this book is recommended for adults. 

3 stars

Mocked by Destiny by Michele Richard

Number one reason I hate living in a tourist town? The constant turnover of new visitors. Stella learned long ago to never befriend anyone visiting the beach. They're here; then they're gone, drifting in and out as the tide ebbs and flows. She vowed to never connect with anyone vacationing in Virginia Beach - until spring break. Stefan changed everything. A family curse verses a loving abnormality promises to keep Stella and Stefan on there toes. Was it an accident or could it be destiny? A story of love, sacrifice, and growing up before it's time.

Good Reads Summary

Teen pregnancy is never an easy issue to write about or convince others to read.  The title really lives up to its contents.  The reader will first note the author's ability to handle the situation delicately.  Stella and Stefan could have had a bit more spark between them; Stefan is the charismatic bad boy and Stella is the slightly needy girl.  The author does not sugar-coat things, she states them as they are.  Financial and emotional issues are addressed and logistical issues are taken in stride.  Stella, a once headstrong girl, has a very interesting approach to her pregnancy.  The reader will enjoy the epilogue at the ending, it is always upsetting to hit a cliff-hanger.  This novel is a very fast-read, the reader will not want to put it down.  This book is recommended for young adults/adults who don't mind reading about realistic novels. 

4 stars

Although I received a copy of this novel to review, this in no way affected my review. 

Depth of Focus: A Novel by Kenya D. Williamson

After years of taking care of others, Danni might not know how to really take care of herself. But, she's trying regardless of the consequences -- even if that means keeping her distance from the ones she loves. If everyone has his way, she'll be pulled in more directions than she can handle. Then again, if she pushes too hard, she might wind up alone. Alone and safe? Or alone and lonely? She can't decide.

Following her fifth birthday party, Danni grew to despise the annual tradition. If the aspiring photographer can't find a way to balance a meddling roommate, nosy neighbor, former lover, current lover, mostly-absent father, jealous sibling, insecure best friend and suicidal mother with the demands of her lousy job, approaching birthday party and shrinking college fund, she won't be going to school. And chances are she'll lose a lot more than her career.

Depth of Focus: A Novel is an adaptation of Kenya's first script. The entire manuscript is constructed of poetry without stanzas. The painstaking process took nearly two years to complete and wasn't her original intention. But, once she realized what she'd done (during the third draft), she couldn't imagine going back to the way she'd written before. Her current fiction projects are each written the same way.

Good Reads Summary

The first quality the reader will note is the ability of the author to make every scene and character in the novel feel real.  The characters are very dynamic, the reader will feel as if he/she has met them before; the characters each have very unique personalities and quirks.  The events are fairly quick, but not too quick so as to affect how the reader digests the heavier information and scenes in the novel.  The whole story seems very realistic to the reader, there will be no rolling eyes over this novel.  Danni, the main character, is a pleasure to read about.  She enjoys photography to the point of influencing the reader to think about taking up the hobby.  Photography may be Danni's redemption; the ending is perfect and harmonious.  This book is recommended for young adults/adults who enjoy eloquent novels. 

4 stars

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Corinthia Falls: Kim Hutson

"Boys, looks like the Sam boy and a goat brought more people to the Lord today than this here church has done on its own in the last ten years."

The two factions of the Corinthia Falls Church were all in place that Sunday morning. On the left were the "Standers," the charismatic group, almost always on their feet,
hands raised, shouting amens and blessings. On the right were the "Setters," sitting stoically, giving an impression of deep disdain for their fellow parishioners to the left.
Deacon Johnson had just announced the opening hymn, "Nearer My God to Thee," when the young Sam boy, barefoot, shirtless, painted a devil red and with a deer head
over his own, stormed into the church shouting, "Repent, repent, ye sinners, or ye will turn into a goat!" Accompanying him was, in fact, one billy goat... also doused in
bright red paint. That Sunday morning in church there were four testimonials, five re-dedications and one conversion. But the Corinthia Falls Church would need a lot more
shaking up than what the Sam boy and a red billy goat could provide. Then Colonel Pavlos Lincoln Armstrong came into town. A traveling evangelist and an former Green
Beret, the mysterious man arrived dressed completely in black. His canine sidekick, Silas, was right by his side. The once dysfunctional Corinthia Falls congregation was
about to change for good.

Good Reads Summary

This novel is exciting, fast-paced, and a very quick read.  The reader will enjoy the attention to detail the author clearly works to provide.  The characters are all unique and interesting in their quirks and qualities that work together to make the book work.  The two different factions offer different views into the book's final message, the reader is not forced to choose between the two.  The ending is satisfying and conclusive, the reader will not have to lie awake wondering.  The reader will enjoy the dysfunctional part of the novel, every once and a while a novel with no perfect back-drop makes for a really good read-and shows the author's skill.  This novel is recommended for adults who enjoy reading about books that come together in the end. 

3 stars

*I received this novel for review, this in no way affects my opinion

Ghosts of Coronado Bay (A Maya Blair Mystery #1) by J.G. Faherty

By all accounts, 16-year-old Maya Blair is a typical teen-age high school student. She hangs out with her best friend Lucy, has a turbulent relationship with her ex-boyfriend Stuart, and works at her family's diner - the main restaurant on the island of Coronado Bay.
But Maya has an extraordinary secret - she can see, hear, and talk to ghosts. And when spirits are near her they revert back to solid form. She is what her deceased grandmother Elsa calls a Seer.
For years, Elsa was the only ghost Maya knew. But that changes when the century-old wreckage of the Black Lady, a ship that capsized in Coronado Bay's waters, is raised from the ocean floor and placed on display in the local museum. During a school tour of the Black Lady exhibit, Maya meets Blake Hennessy, a young, fair-skinned boy to whom she is instantly attracted. Shortly thereafter, a sensual, gothic young man named Gavin Hamlin crosses her path, and she is equally smitten. Her feelings bloom before she realizes they are both ghosts - Blake, the kind-hearted spirit who cares for Maya's well being, and Gavin, the dark wizard who thirsts to finish the evil task he longed to complete 100 years before.
To accomplish his nefarious plan, Gavin has to be human again. And for that, he needs the blood of a virgin witch. In his mind, Maya is the perfect candidate. Now it's up to Maya, Lucy, and Blake to save Coronado Bay and the world from destruction. But time is running out, people are dying, and Gavin's powers are growing.
Things were so much simpler when all she had to worry about was a date for the dance.

Good Reads Summary

Anyone up for taking over the world?  This novel is a very quick, fast-paced read.  Maya lives in a sleepy little town; she rarely looks for trouble, but trouble finds her nonetheless.  Maya is soon deep into a plot to save the world, taking her readers on an exciting adventure.  It is easy for the reader to enjoy reading about Maya and her friends; they are all quite likable and not overtly "teenagerish" or immature.  Maya is a good protagonist, with qualities that are good, but not annoyingly "nice" or "perfect".  The author did a good job with the secondary characters, the reader will want to hear more about them and their quirks in the novel.  The plot is intriguing for a teen novel; the characters will keep the readers interest.  This novel is recommended for teens/young adults who enjoy well-written novels. 

3 1/2 stars

Midnight Conquest (Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles) by Arial Burnz, AJ Nuest (Editor), Mildred L. Losee (Illustrator)

Masked in a Gypsy guise, Broderick MacDougal hides his vampiric identity while seeking to destroy the man who slaughtered his family. When an old Clan rival ensnares Broderick in a trap using an enticing widow, he is compelled to discover if she is bait or an accomplice, and the cinnamon-haired beauty is his next conquest.

Widow of an abusive husband, Davina Stewart-Russell clings to the only image that gave her strength during those dark times—the Gypsy rogue who stole her heart as a youth. After nine years, she is finally face-to-face with him again, but reality clashes with fantasy as she is confronted with Broderick’s passionate pursuit.

When Davina’s past returns to haunt her, Broderick is forced to reveal a dark secret worse than anything Davina thought possible. The challenge before them has fatal risks and neither of them is prepared for the sacrifices expected for the sake of eternal love.

Reader Advisory: This story contains explicit love scenes, described using graphic and direct language. This story also contains explicit, nail-biting scenes of violence and domestic abuse. (Don’t worry…the bad guys get it in the end!)

Good Reads Summary

The reader will first notice the cover; eye-catching and alluring the cover will pull the readers in.  The novel is very long, but this shouldn't deter a dedicated reader.  The main characters are both very easy to get to know and enjoy reading about.  The reader will like their quirks and qualities.  The plot isn't terribly unique, but it is far from boring and will hold the readers interest.  The book contains scenes of domestic abuse, a quality that only heightens the novels intrigue.  Domestic abuse is an issue that shouldn't be ignored or swept under the carpet, the author handles the issue admirably.  There is no cliff-hanger and the ending is very satisfying.  This novel is recommended for readers who enjoy paranormal romance (adults or young adults). 

4 stars 

Blood of the Dragon : Larry Howard

America's most valuable resource, oil, is at stake. A strange strain of bacteria that thrives in an oxygen-free environment and is resistant to treatments is feeding off America's supply of crude oil. Iranian government agents have cleverly placed the bacteria in the oil fields, sending oil companies and consumers into a frenzy.

While a coup is in the works in Iran, the Chinese are hard at work testing the first of a fleet of 20 huge mobile factories that will produce synthetic crude oil using China's abundant supply of soft coal. However, putting this Project Dragon Blood into affect will double the world's carbon dioxide and have a disastrous effect on the increasing problem of global warming. A team of agrichemical experts are working diligently to find a new way to produce automotive grade ethanol and discover a newly issued Israeli patent. This incredible invention uses the carbon dioxide and water present in the air to make ethanol. The President of the United States, Thomas Garner, takes on the challenges and seizes the opportunities to save the world's economic and political stability.
Good Reads Summary
 Right off the bat, the reader knows he/she has chosen an interesting novel.  The cover is eye-catching and the concept is just complex enough to capture the reader's interest without being overly confusing.  The author touches on a subject, oil, that is very real to many people today.  The subject of the novel applies quite well to the current circumstances surrounding its readers, further drawing in readers.  The reader will not find the main character easy to get to know, it takes a few chapters for the main character to grow on his readers.  The setting is perfect, Iran; the novel has the complete set-up for a good, current read.  This book is fast-paced, the reader will not be bored.  The novel is recommended for adults/young adults who enjoy reading novels about concepts that apply to the world around them.

3 1/2 - 4 stars

For the Love of Babies: One Doctor's Stories about Life in the Neonatal ICU by Sue Hall

 FOR THE LOVE OF BABIES: One Doctor's Stories About Life in the Neonatal ICU invites readers into the NICU—an area in the hospital that’s unfamiliar and frightening to most people—and demystifies this place where extraordinary things transpire. The reader accompanies a number of babies with a range of medical concerns as they journey through the NICU, seeing the challenges each one must surmount, all the while getting a sense of life-and-death urgency that permeates NICU care. The all-important needs for parents to maintain hope, and for healthcare professionals to support them, are the transcendent messages. This is the book for anyone who’s ever wondered how parents whose babies are critically ill cope with the enormous emotional pressures facing them, and what the daily rhythms of life are like in a NICU.

Good Reads Summary

The reader should be prepared to read about families' trials and sadness and joy in the NICU.  This novel has its ups and downs, very realistic.  The reader will be riveted to the novel, if he/she is medically inclined, especially in scenes where the baby may or may not make it.  There is a "Notes" section to further broaden the readers' educations and show more depth to the diagnoses in the novel.  The reader will not have to worry about a diagnosis or hurriedly look it up on Google.  Any reader with children will appreciate this novel, the beauty of life should not be take for granted-a focal point for this novel.  The reader will enjoy that an actual doctor wrote the novel, her experience shines through and makes every situation that much more believable.  This book is recommended for readers who enjoy perusing medical literature. 

4 stars

Enlightened by Allyson Richards

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Alexis Randall is anything but a normal 16-year-old girl. Knowing that her curse can lead her to commit acts of extreme violence, she has vowed to live by one simple rule: Stay away from Normals. However, Alexis' clear-cut rule is tested by a chance meeting with one boy and an encounter that leaves another in a coma. As she struggles to suppress her feelings for the first and live with her guilt about the second, Alexis soon realizes that reality has a funny way of catching up with her.
With engaging characters and fascinating plot twists, the first installment of THE ENLIGHTENED SERIES thrusts its readers into the wild and surreal life of Alexis Randall.

Good Reads Summary

Alexis Randall is a modern day superhero. Incredible speed and strength make her unlike any other teen girl. Living in constant fear of hurting a "Normal," Alexis spends her days alone. Her psychic mother is her best friend. The lack of control over her abilities has forced Alexis to uproot her and her mother's lives before and lends to her resolve to blend in. Only now, something has changed. Taylor, a new boy in town, seems determined to pull her out of her shell. Rather than avoiding him, Alexis finds herself drawn to his sunny personality. She even starts to believe they could have a future, but then, tragedy strikes leaving another boy dead. Forced to move to Florida, Alexis shuts her mind to the idea of Taylor. Nightmares and the strange voice she hears in her head reinforce this idea, but also push her out of her comfort zone and in with the “Normals.” What does Alexis’s future hold?
Enlightened could be enjoyed by anyone thirteen or older. Alexis’s hopes are relatable and her struggles are easy to understand. Because Alexis is the main character, girls would probably enjoy Enlightened more than boys. 
Overall, Enlightened earns 5 stars.
A guest post by Chelsea Carson

Midsummer's Eve Giveaway Hop

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For my giveaway, two lucky winners will be chosen to have their choice of one of six novels:  Hacking Harvard-Robin Wasserman, The Eternal Kiss-Libba Bray, Rachel Caine, etc..., Twilight-Stephanie Meyer, Peeps-Scott Westerfeld, Marked-PC Cast + Kristin Cast, or Chosen-PC Cast +Kristin Cast.  If more than 100 people enter this giveaway, the winners will be able to choose two novels of their choice from the six listed above...and I may add more choices. 

To enter:  become a GFC follower and leave your email address
For extra entries (leave them all in a single comment): follow me on twitter as Icecream1891, fb Lindsay Ann (picture of Luminous, Dawn Metcalf's book), and as an email subscriber.  I will check. 

Thank you for participating, happy hopping!