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The Seraph Seal: Leonard Sweet and Lori Wagner

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
An epic tale of good and evil based on the four horsemen of the Apocalypse found in the book of Revelation.
Using the four horsemen of the Apocalypse to symbolize the four Gospels, four transcendentals, and four forces of the universe (air, water, earth, and fire), Sweet and Wagner weave a fast-paced, end-times tale of good vs. evil and the promise of a new dawn for humanity.
Set in 2048, when planet Earth is suffering from the damaging effects of years of misuse and abuse, cultural history professor Paul Binder receives a mysterious letter that leads him to examine a lost 2nd-century Diatessaron manuscript. Ancient prophecies, cryptic letters, and strange events set him on a course to uncover the missing clues that could lead humanity into a new age. Each character embodies elements of the four horsemen in a race to save the world from total destruction. Layered with forgotten symbolism from the ancient, Jewish, and Christian traditions, the novel is a type of engaged fiction in which the main character's lost journal serves as a guide to the reader in interpreting clues and understanding the novel's conclusion.

Good Reads Summary

The summary says it all-this novel is truly epic in every sense of the word.  The plot is phenomenal, the settings fit the novel perfectly, and the characters are well-developed to the point where the reader worries about them and cheers them on.  The authors utilize this novel to predict what could be a possible future for earth if human abuses do not cease; they manage to construe the novel to make every concept discussed appear plausible.  The concept of the four horsemen of the apocalypse is woven seamlessly into the novel-enhancing the characters in the novel.  The events are extremely fast-paced, the novel is a bit of doomsday.  The reader will enjoy the added sections in the back of the novel to help explain the plot and parts of the novel that may confuse the average reader and enhance the reader's experience with the novel.  The ending contains a twist, but the reader will be mostly satisfied.  This book is recommended for young adults/adults who love an exciting read that makes them think. 

I received this copy to review, this in no way affected my review. 

5 stars