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Mocked by Destiny by Michele Richard

Thursday, June 23, 2011
Number one reason I hate living in a tourist town? The constant turnover of new visitors. Stella learned long ago to never befriend anyone visiting the beach. They're here; then they're gone, drifting in and out as the tide ebbs and flows. She vowed to never connect with anyone vacationing in Virginia Beach - until spring break. Stefan changed everything. A family curse verses a loving abnormality promises to keep Stella and Stefan on there toes. Was it an accident or could it be destiny? A story of love, sacrifice, and growing up before it's time.

Good Reads Summary

Teen pregnancy is never an easy issue to write about or convince others to read.  The title really lives up to its contents.  The reader will first note the author's ability to handle the situation delicately.  Stella and Stefan could have had a bit more spark between them; Stefan is the charismatic bad boy and Stella is the slightly needy girl.  The author does not sugar-coat things, she states them as they are.  Financial and emotional issues are addressed and logistical issues are taken in stride.  Stella, a once headstrong girl, has a very interesting approach to her pregnancy.  The reader will enjoy the epilogue at the ending, it is always upsetting to hit a cliff-hanger.  This novel is a very fast-read, the reader will not want to put it down.  This book is recommended for young adults/adults who don't mind reading about realistic novels. 

4 stars

Although I received a copy of this novel to review, this in no way affected my review. 


  1. Lisa Bilbrey said...:

    Love this book so much!! Amazing writing and an excellant story.