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Skin: Short Fiction by Alex Owens

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
This collection is built around a common theme of "skin" and it crosses genres. Between the three stories this book weighs in at 9,000 words

The Tanner: A social outcast, Ari spends his days honing his craft. He is a Taxidermist, a Tanner, and quite possibly a Madman. One sweltering day, he takes his art to a new level by creating unique leather goods using the most exotic medium- Human Skin. *Warning- this story is graphic and contains brief nudity/ themes not suitable for children!

The Terminal: A short work of fiction about the reality of aging, as told by the observant nursing assistant who spends 8 hours a day watching skin turn to paper.

The Tattooist: A unique short featuring the main character of my current almost-completed novel. Claire has been through a series of major life changes while attending a business conference in Orlando. On her last night in the steamy city, Claire goes in search of something to remember the time by- a tattoo. Little does she know, her journey of self-discovery isn't quite over yet.
Good Reads Summary

This book contains several short stories that allow readers who wouldn't normally like a certain genre to give it a try while still enjoying their preferred choice.  The reader will like the descriptive way the author writes as well as the succinct manner he has.  Some of the stories may be a little gross, definitely not for the average reader, but there is a story in this novel for every adult reader.  The main characters maintain a bit of distance in this novel, the reader never feels too close to them and doesn't regard them so much as friends.  The events in this novel are fairly fast-paced, the reader is never left bored.  Some of the ideas in this book are a little morbid and disturbing, but they are definitely interesting and unusual-not found in any other book that this reader knows of.  This book is recommend to adults who enjoy the odd side of genres, events and ideas that do not normally transpire anywhere else.