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Rock by Katrina Parker Williams

Thursday, June 23, 2011
War is hell...but so is the homefront. How can a man whose life is saved in the war not acknowledge the man who saved him? Ask Rock, a 2334-word short story about a colored World War I veteran who saves a whole white infantry unit. Hezekiah Bennett, nicknamed Rock in the War because he had a head shaped like a rock, all lumpy and dented, is a war hero. But what does Rock face when he returns to the homefront at war's end?

Amazon Review

This is an interesting novel.  The plot is different, but not unique.  The main character is interesting enough to draw the reader in.  The concept of his nickname is odd, but funny.  The events are fast-paced and the setting is perfect for the novel's purpose.  The reader may have liked a few of the secondary characters to be high-lighted a little bit more.  The dialogue fits the novel, the characters help pull the novel together; the author could have emphasized a little bit more on the war itself.  Overall, this book is recommended for adults. 

3 stars


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    Interesting character names