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Convergence: Joseph Gellene

Saturday, June 4, 2011
 How do you stop a killer who remembers everything you're about to do?

John Smith greatly enjoys his unusual life. He's wealthy, long-lived, and very well traveled. He jumps to the 21st century expecting to be reunited with his daughter but finds she has been brutally murdered. Under normal circumstances it was a simple matter to undo an untimely death but, in this case, the killer remembers multiple fact patterns and easily thwarts John's attempts. To save his daughter, John must overcome shifting fact patterns, a determined detective, and three versions of the killer. His research shows that he fails, but facts can be fluid.

Good Reads Summary

If you are one of those readers who only likes exciting books with constant action, then this is the book for you.  John Smith has a very abnormal life, he is able to time-travel.  When his daughter is mysteriously murdered, John attempts to fix this murder-an event that to John, should be easy.  However, the killer appears to remember all of these facts about the murder and constantly stops Johns attempts to save his daughter.  John is a determined, strong, admirable character; the author develops him very well, endearing him to the reader.  The killer, in an odd way, is very intriguing and cunning to the reader.  The reader will be dying to know more about the antagonist in this novel.  The plot line is very interesting, not necessarily unique, but with the murder of someone as well as time travel thrown into the mix the reader will be constantly entertained.  This novel is terrific for young adults/adults who enjoy reading about the current impossible and trying to solve mysteries before the main character does.

4 stars