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Depth of Focus: A Novel by Kenya D. Williamson

Thursday, June 23, 2011
After years of taking care of others, Danni might not know how to really take care of herself. But, she's trying regardless of the consequences -- even if that means keeping her distance from the ones she loves. If everyone has his way, she'll be pulled in more directions than she can handle. Then again, if she pushes too hard, she might wind up alone. Alone and safe? Or alone and lonely? She can't decide.

Following her fifth birthday party, Danni grew to despise the annual tradition. If the aspiring photographer can't find a way to balance a meddling roommate, nosy neighbor, former lover, current lover, mostly-absent father, jealous sibling, insecure best friend and suicidal mother with the demands of her lousy job, approaching birthday party and shrinking college fund, she won't be going to school. And chances are she'll lose a lot more than her career.

Depth of Focus: A Novel is an adaptation of Kenya's first script. The entire manuscript is constructed of poetry without stanzas. The painstaking process took nearly two years to complete and wasn't her original intention. But, once she realized what she'd done (during the third draft), she couldn't imagine going back to the way she'd written before. Her current fiction projects are each written the same way.

Good Reads Summary

The first quality the reader will note is the ability of the author to make every scene and character in the novel feel real.  The characters are very dynamic, the reader will feel as if he/she has met them before; the characters each have very unique personalities and quirks.  The events are fairly quick, but not too quick so as to affect how the reader digests the heavier information and scenes in the novel.  The whole story seems very realistic to the reader, there will be no rolling eyes over this novel.  Danni, the main character, is a pleasure to read about.  She enjoys photography to the point of influencing the reader to think about taking up the hobby.  Photography may be Danni's redemption; the ending is perfect and harmonious.  This book is recommended for young adults/adults who enjoy eloquent novels. 

4 stars


  1. Sounds like an exceedingly skillful author! The ring of authenticity in her characters and plot, good pacing, and what an intriguing style.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    It was a very good read and I love it when you can tell the author is just...good :) Krystal