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The Mistress's Revenge: Tamar Cohen

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
For five years, Sally and Clive have been lost in a passionate affair. Now he has dumped her to devote himself to his wife and family, and Sally is left in freefall.
It starts with a casual stroll past his house, and popping into the brasserie where his son works. Then Sally starts following Clive’s wife and daughter on Facebook. But that’s alright, isn’t it? These are perfectly normal things to do. Aren’t they?
Not since Fatal Attraction has the fallout from an illicit affair been exposed in such a sharp, darkly funny, and disturbing way: The Mistress’s Revenge is a truly exciting fiction debut. After all, who doesn’t know an otherwise sane woman who has gone a little crazy when her heart was broken?

“A cracking debut. . . .very Fatal Attraction with a clever twist at the end. Addictive stuff.” —The Bookseller

Good Reads Summary

 The book's title alone should grab a reader's attention-this novel's title is not an overstated romance that the reader should veer away from.  The novel is narrated by Sally, who is involved in a passionate affair with Clive, while maintaining a partnership with Daniel and her kids with him.  Right off the bat, many of the readers will not like main character.  Sally is fairly selfish, bratty, and could use a healthy does of humility.  The reader will have a hard time connecting with her, is he/she ever connects with her.  Sally grows obsessed with Clive while neglecting her own family, the reader can only imagine how much pain and hatred she feels when Clive decides to "brush her off".  She even finagles an invitation to his daughter's baby shower.  Clive decides to focus more on his wife and children.  Sally is the kind of character who gets enraged incredibly quickly and knows how to hold a grudge.  The reader will follow her actions in her attempts to get revenge against Clive.  Some of the events in the book appear realistic while some border on the ridiculous.  The ending is a huge shock to most readers.  This book would be recommended for those who enjoy novels mainly centering around revenge and a more sordid lifestyle. 

3 1/2 stars


  1. I don't what it says about me, but this book sounds terrific!! ;) Thanks for the review...