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Enlightened by Allyson Richards

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Alexis Randall is anything but a normal 16-year-old girl. Knowing that her curse can lead her to commit acts of extreme violence, she has vowed to live by one simple rule: Stay away from Normals. However, Alexis' clear-cut rule is tested by a chance meeting with one boy and an encounter that leaves another in a coma. As she struggles to suppress her feelings for the first and live with her guilt about the second, Alexis soon realizes that reality has a funny way of catching up with her.
With engaging characters and fascinating plot twists, the first installment of THE ENLIGHTENED SERIES thrusts its readers into the wild and surreal life of Alexis Randall.

Good Reads Summary

Alexis Randall is a modern day superhero. Incredible speed and strength make her unlike any other teen girl. Living in constant fear of hurting a "Normal," Alexis spends her days alone. Her psychic mother is her best friend. The lack of control over her abilities has forced Alexis to uproot her and her mother's lives before and lends to her resolve to blend in. Only now, something has changed. Taylor, a new boy in town, seems determined to pull her out of her shell. Rather than avoiding him, Alexis finds herself drawn to his sunny personality. She even starts to believe they could have a future, but then, tragedy strikes leaving another boy dead. Forced to move to Florida, Alexis shuts her mind to the idea of Taylor. Nightmares and the strange voice she hears in her head reinforce this idea, but also push her out of her comfort zone and in with the “Normals.” What does Alexis’s future hold?
Enlightened could be enjoyed by anyone thirteen or older. Alexis’s hopes are relatable and her struggles are easy to understand. Because Alexis is the main character, girls would probably enjoy Enlightened more than boys. 
Overall, Enlightened earns 5 stars.
A guest post by Chelsea Carson