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Corinthia Falls: Kim Hutson

Thursday, June 23, 2011
"Boys, looks like the Sam boy and a goat brought more people to the Lord today than this here church has done on its own in the last ten years."

The two factions of the Corinthia Falls Church were all in place that Sunday morning. On the left were the "Standers," the charismatic group, almost always on their feet,
hands raised, shouting amens and blessings. On the right were the "Setters," sitting stoically, giving an impression of deep disdain for their fellow parishioners to the left.
Deacon Johnson had just announced the opening hymn, "Nearer My God to Thee," when the young Sam boy, barefoot, shirtless, painted a devil red and with a deer head
over his own, stormed into the church shouting, "Repent, repent, ye sinners, or ye will turn into a goat!" Accompanying him was, in fact, one billy goat... also doused in
bright red paint. That Sunday morning in church there were four testimonials, five re-dedications and one conversion. But the Corinthia Falls Church would need a lot more
shaking up than what the Sam boy and a red billy goat could provide. Then Colonel Pavlos Lincoln Armstrong came into town. A traveling evangelist and an former Green
Beret, the mysterious man arrived dressed completely in black. His canine sidekick, Silas, was right by his side. The once dysfunctional Corinthia Falls congregation was
about to change for good.

Good Reads Summary

This novel is exciting, fast-paced, and a very quick read.  The reader will enjoy the attention to detail the author clearly works to provide.  The characters are all unique and interesting in their quirks and qualities that work together to make the book work.  The two different factions offer different views into the book's final message, the reader is not forced to choose between the two.  The ending is satisfying and conclusive, the reader will not have to lie awake wondering.  The reader will enjoy the dysfunctional part of the novel, every once and a while a novel with no perfect back-drop makes for a really good read-and shows the author's skill.  This novel is recommended for adults who enjoy reading about books that come together in the end. 

3 stars

*I received this novel for review, this in no way affects my opinion