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Touch Of Fate: Christine Amsden

Saturday, June 4, 2011
Marianne can predict the future but is powerless to alter its course. After a lifetime spent coming to terms with an ability that has cost her much, including her marriage, Marianne moves halfway across the country to make a fresh start and salvage her relationship with her daughter, who has inherited her terrible ability.
Once there, Marianne is drawn to a group of women who share her ability. She starts to find meaning and purpose--until she finds one of them murdered.
In the wake of the murder, Marianne is once again caught up in predictions she is powerless to change. Complicating matters, she finds herself falling in love with the handsome Detective Derek Richards--a man who, her daughter predicts, will become an intimate part of her future.
Time is running out for Marianne. She must learn the truth--about herself, about her power, and about the murderer--before she becomes the next victim.

Good Reads Summary

This book has it all: mystery, romance, intrigue, drama, and adventure.  To have to know the future but be powerless to stop it is a horrible power.  The main character, Marianne, lives with this power does her daughter.  This power acts as a catalyst for the novel; Marianne's marriage is ruined and she leaves to establish a relationship with her daughter, who also inherited this ability.  After this, the action really takes off.  Marianne becomes involved with a group of women who attempt to help her understand and control her ability; the ante is upped, however, when one of the women is murdered.  Marianne connects to the handsome detective and their romance blossoms from there.  The reader will like the main character, Marianne.  The plot line is unique to this novel.  The book contains many exciting, detailed scenes.  The romance addes a little flare to the book.  This novel is terrific for young adults/adults who enjoy romance mixed with a little mysterious magic. 

4 stars