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June Bug: J.T. Harding

Thursday, June 23, 2011
New England in the early eighties was a simpler place. Ben and June had been summer friends since they could barely walk. As the years pass their friendship deepens and changes until the events of the year they turn eighteen bring a seismic change in their relationship.
June bug is a story of innocence and unwavering love, a story of two young people who discover that love also has a deeply physical side.
Warnings: contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adults, nudity, swimming, mention of lobsters, and mathematics (you have been warned!)

Good Reads Summary

This novel is full of steamy, fun romance.  The reader should be over 18 to fully enjoy this novel.  The main characters, a couple, allow the reader to follow them during their growing love.  The book spans a couple of summers.  The main characters are loving and caring towards one another, lending to the credibility of the love story.  Some scenes are explicit, but the author doesn't take it overboard.  The plot is not unique, but this love story carries its own special quality.  The reader will be able to finish this novel in less than a day, making it a perfect read for a trip or a rainy day.  This book is recommended to adults who enjoy romance in their novels.

4 stars