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Dark Vengeance: Buster LaFrance

Saturday, June 4, 2011
In the aftermath of the Gods-War, Myngor the Dark One, the evil god of hatred and murder, is banished to a small island and stripped of his powers. After 2500 years, his powers are restored, and his minions are immediately sent out to wreak havoc on the temples of his enemies. Joined by his old ally, Torkahl the fire god, the carnage begins. Four survivors of this bloody rampage set out to stop the bloodshed before it goes too far. Though joined by others in their great quest, these four hold the key to defeating the evil that threatens to spread throughout the world, engulfing everyone in its fiery shadow.
Good Reads Summary
This book is perfect for the science fiction reader.  The plot line runs smooth and the book is a real page-turner.  The characters are pretty well-developed, the reader will definitely be rooting for the main characters.  The reader will not be totally surprised by the ending, there is no evil cliff-hanger to watch out for.  The writer's style of writing really shines through, the reader will understand and remember the majority of the "made up world"-something which causes some readers to dislike science fiction.  The plot is unique as far as science fiction goes, the reader will be pleasantly surprised at times and biting his/her nails at others.  As far as who should read the novel, science fiction buffs will enjoy this novel as well as the average adult reader. 

4 Stars