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The Snowman's Revenge by Mark Smythe Illustrations by Mike Motz

Friday, September 16, 2011

If you were left out in the cold snow all by yourself, would you be mad? Of course you would! Well, this snowman is out for revenge, especially after he sees those kids in the nice warm house, eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate! So, let's see what happens in this delightful story, nicely flowing with rhymed verse, beautifully illustrated and quite humorous indeed. So loveable, it's sure to be an instant favorite and a timeless classic with "kids" of all ages.

Goodreads Summary

This is a terrific book for the coming winter.   Children between ages 4-8 will enjoy this book, especially in the right season.  The illustrations are slightly cartoonish, but still managing to maintain realism-no blocky shapes, just slightly exaggerated and colorful(perfect for young children). 

The plot is simple and easy to follow, children build a snowman and then decide to play inside...leaving the poor snowman alone in the storm.   The snowman feels understandably angry, but he takes it a little further and attempts to seek revenge.  The book ends slightly predictably, but the ending fit the novel perfectly.  The book is a great way to interest a child in reading. 

4 Stars


  1. Unknown said...:

    I just finished this and will be linking your review to mine soon...thanks for a different look at the book. I found it slightly scary.

  1. Krystal Larson said...:

    Great :) I think it was a pretty good book!

  1. This sounds like a winner. A snowman seeking revenge for being left out in the cold is a funny idea. Thanks for the review.