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Guest Post and Giveaway with Patti Roberts!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Nine hundred years ago, under the complete cover of darkness, the Grigorian army rose silently from their underground lair and attacked the Bulguardian Royal Palace. The bloody and violent battle between the two most legendary houses raged on. All but destroying the majestic Royal City of Altair.

It was not the first war that Juliette had endured between good and evil. And it most certainly would not be her last.

Today, a little girl's world is turned upside down by a visitor,the Angel of Death. She finds herself trapped in a nightmare, consumed by her paralyzing loss and overwhelming grief. The haunting visions and untimely deaths of others are a constant reminder that life and death are only a heartbeat away.

Goodreads Summary

Paradox – The Angels Are Here is for readers that enjoy reading Fantasy/paranormal/EMO books.
The story is narrated by Juliette, a soul who died 900 years ago and is now living on in a little girl named Grace here on earth - who is unaware of Juliette’s existence. However, Grace is not the only body that Juliette has lived through over the centuries, and from time to time, Grace is forced to relive some of Juliette’s past lives and deaths through disturbing visions.
Together, these two souls are on a mission, but only Juliette is aware of what that mission is. There are others too, some are here to help them succeed; some are here to make sure they don’t. But who is good and who is evil?
Are Grace’s Guardian Angels from heaven or hell???
This book delivers two aspects to the story – one focusing on Angels in their own dimension in Altair, and the other focusing on the events down here on Earth, and especially those events pertinent to a young girl named Grace, who is clearly important to the Angels.
Grace’s story is very moving – a young girl whose world is changing, especially when her father, whom she idolizes, dies in an accident. The grief Grace feels is very tangible – it’s written about so realistically. Readers will really feel for Grace as she comes to term with her father’s death.
The main Angels characters, although they are only touched on in book 1, are interesting and slightly disturbing – an aspect most really enjoyed.
This story is packed with a host of individual characters. And the questions you are left asking about some of these characters will have you wanting to pick up book 2 which is due out in November.
Here are some of the questions readers have asked about the book -
Q. When did you first start writing, Paradox? And did the idea for the book just come to you?
A: I started in 2009 so it took me roughly 2 years to put the first book (Novella) together.
I was inspired to write the series by what I didn’t know. By the questions we as humans have asked ourselves since the beginning of time. Where did we come from, what happens after death? Is there a heaven? Do our souls live on?

Q. Was there any research involved in writing the book especially when the times were in the very early centuries?
A. I think I have done just as much research for the series of Paradox books as I have done writing the story. Although a lot of that will not actually be evident until further along in the series. I love writing Grace’s flashbacks of Juliette’s past lives. I love going back in time and delving into historical events that have shaped our world. And hopefully bring some of them back to life throughout this story via the characters.

Q. Were any of your characters based off of someone you know or the names of the characters?
A: The characters in the Paradox Series are not based on anyone I know personally. Some of their traits and experiences are, however, influenced by people I have met. Mostly on an unintentional level. It isn’t until I reread some of my characters lines that I have sometimes thought – Oh, that reminds me of ….

Q. Was it at all difficult to write about such loss and heartache through out the book?
A: Surprisingly, no. I was going through an emotional stage of my life at the time and if anything it allowed me to really “feel” Grace’s loss and put it into words. I really believe that I would never have been able to achieve that if I wasn’t in that “place” in my life and if I hadn’t gone through something like that myself. I focused very much on the death of my own mother a few years ago; Mum was very much looking over my shoulder as I wrote it.

Q. As you were writing Paradox did you ever have writers block or did you already somewhat know what the story-line would be before you put the words on paper?
A: I have never had writers block. I have so many stories to tell that if anything sometimes I wonder where to start and where to leave off and cut to another scene. Some people have said that Paradox – The Angels Are Here jumps around during the telling of the story. And maybe it does. That is how the story unfolded to me while I wrote it and how Juliette tells it – as she remembers it.
When people are sitting around telling stories, I think that is how it happens. Suddenly you remember something from the past, because of something someone else has said, and regardless to where the story is at; you jump in and add it because you know that further on into the story, it is going to be important. It is very much Juliette’s story now. I just have the pleasure in writing it.

Q. What age groups do you recommend for the readers of Paradox?
A: I say 14 and up. Some would say that some of the subject matters are for an older audience but I disagree. It wasn’t that long a go in history that a 14 year old girl was old enough to wed and expected to bear children. In some cultures today they are very much considered adults. History has also shown us that in order to keep bloodlines “pure” it was nothing if not expected for brother and sister to produce an heir. Thankfully, the society that most of us live in today does not applaud or encourage this way of life.

Q. Who designed the cover and did you have any say in what you wanted it to look like?
A: Being an indie author I was very much solely responsible for the look of the cover. I searched numerous sites until I found the artwork by the very talented Hazel Brown. Then I added the heart, feather and text.

Q. Do you have any future plans for Grace and her family & friends with another book?
A: The Paradox saga is a series of books. The first book – The Angels Are Here – was an introductory into the series and is a Novella. The second in the series – Progeny Of Innocence - is a novel and is due out in November. The third – Bound By Blood – is due out in 2012 with more to follow the following year.

Q. What was the most difficult part writing the book? Do you have anything you wish you could go back and change?
A: The only thing hard about writing in general is time. If I could lock myself up and concentrate on only writing that would be great. But my friends would think I had gone completely mad and would probably try and have me committed.

Q. Did anyone inspire you to write Paradox "The Angels Are Here"?
A: Yes and no. I had just recently gone through a break-up and was terribly “lost”. I see now that the break-up was an incredible gift. It handed me the opportunity to focus on other things which I would otherwise had never done. And those other things turned out to be writing. The break-up, unbeknown to me at the time, turned out to be my cloud with a silver lining. Writing has been such wonderful therapy; I have never looked back and I have never been happier.

Q: Do you write full-time now? If so, what did you do before you started writing?
A: I don't write full time yet but would very much like to. That is my wish. I have to sell a lot more books though before that happens :)
Q: Where did you come up with the idea for the Paradox series?
A: I was inspired by what I didn't know. By the questions we as humans have asked ourselves since the beginning of time. Where did we come from, is there more after death? Is there a heaven? Do our soul's live on?
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