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Fair Wind to Bahlia by Thomas Thorpe

Friday, September 23, 2011
Shipwrecked on a Brazilian beach in the year 1834, two couples stumble onto a plantation where they find a knife in the owner's back.
Harrowing encounters with Indians, escaped slaves and ruthless landlords conspiring to assassinate eight-year old future leader, Dom Pedro II, lead to a dangerous transfusion to save the cholera-stricken young prince.
One of the castaways holds the cure in a tiny jar of red. He could save his own life, revive the prince or rescue his wife from the conspirators in exchange for the vessel, but there's only enough blood for one.
Historically accurate events provide non-stop suspense.

Goodreads Summary

This book is packed with action. The reader will definitely not be bored. I enjoyed the historical accuracy, it's not easy finding a mystery book that has been well-researched about the plot.

The characters are fun to get to know, the reader will likely find him/herself attached to them. There are quite a few tough choices made in the book, this book's completely accurate description would more likely be: thriller, mystery, intrigue, and drama. The book flows nicely, the transitions are great for easing the reader into yet another new situation.

The events are fast-paced; some are more exciting than others, but the author does not go from one high energy scene to a low energy scene. The ending is perfect and sums up the whole book nicely. This book is recommended to adults/young adults.

4 Stars

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