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The Santa Club by Kelly Moss Guest Post!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Santa Club started as a moment of terror for me.  My oldest son asked if Santa was real pretty early at six years old.  Sheer Terror….honestly I was truly scared I could mess up my adorable son’s life.  Melodramatic moment, yes it was.  But if you are a parent, and a fairly new one at that, those moments are difficult to say the least.  Thankfully my mother-in-law was there.

Bertie was a joy.  Even her name created a smile.  She could have been mistaken for Mrs. Claus herself.  Armed with years of being a parent and grandparent she did the mother-in-law thing to do, and stepped in.  I was never so relieved. No matter what she said, it wasn’t me making a mess of an answer.  Warm, fuzzy mom will still be intact; grandma could be the bad guy.  I know that it was a terrible thing to think.  But, I had no idea how to tell Jonathan the truth without disappointing him.  Thankfully, she did.  She answered the story with truth, love and wisdom that only a mother with years of experience can give.  She told the beginnings of The Santa Club.

That oral version of the answer has now become the book The Santa Club.  Thirteen years after that day, I wrote the book in one night from about two am to six am.  Middle of the night and with what I like to think Divine Intervention collided with my desire to share this wonderful answer to a very, very important question for the child that asks.   Not to mention the parent or guardian that has to answer.  Today, I couldn’t be more thankful to have this little book go out into the world.  As an author my goal is to have my words help someone.  Not sway them to an idea but just help. Since I have been a lover of all books, all genres, I know how blessed I am to be a part of this wonderful world of storytelling.  Merry Christmas Everyone, Kelly Moss The Santa Club


Thanks for letting me share.  I have to tell you I love your blog.  I promise I not only will be back but also spread the word.  My kids are in college and they shall share too.  Take Care and thanks again,

Kelly Moss