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Resonance by A.J. Scudiere

Thursday, September 22, 2011
A catastrophic polar shift threatens the survival of humanity, and two scientists must convince the world the shift is happening-and figure out a way to stop it.
Goodreads Summary

This book is 27 chapters of polar shifting.  The author writes very good science fiction, the book is easy to comprehend-especially for those of us who may not be science fiction buffs.  The great thing about this science fiction book?  The author makes no mention of 2012...the concept that is so prevalent in books these days. 

The main character?  Well, there really is no main characters, but there are a bunch of characters that the author focuses on.  The book was a little bit reminiscent of, say, Jurassic Park; like Jurassic Park, this book skips around between characters, but the reader gets to know them pretty well.  It is a good idea to maybe write the names down so you can keep them separate. 

The scientists work on numerous projects before the plot really takes hold.  The reader will learn background information and gather up hints of what is to come.  Even with their best efforts, the polar shift takes place and what can only be described as unearthly occurs.  The author delves into the possibility of a second earth or second dimension.  The ending was very good, the reader will find it ties up loose ends nicely.  This book is recommended to young adults/adults.

5 Stars

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