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Jarred Into Being by Pat Lawrence

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

After the tragic death of her parents, Eva Lange must battle for her freedom; indeed, her very life. Fleeing her aunt's abuser, she falls prey to a murderous drug lord and his wife in their luxurious lair of lust. Using her wits, beauty, and sexuality to save herself and break the bonds of captivity and degradation, Eva struggles against corruption and powerful political forces to reclaim her independence and save the life of the man she loves.

Goodreads Summary

This book is packed with action, mystery, and intrigue-perfect for a rainy day or on a long commute.  The main character, Eva, will lead the reader through ups and downs and intimidating scenes with the antagonists.  One trick may lead to a life-changing event, this is precisely what happens to Eva.  Eva's beauty is the quality that makes her so "eerily attractive" to the evil characters <-the term the reader will refer to the antagonists... The ending is very satisfying, the author does not leave the reader with too many questions. 

 Eve is a surprisingly likable character.  She is sweet and kind even in the midst of evil.  The reader will be rooting for her throughout the novel.  The other characters are either evil or secondary-there are some interesting, kind characters thrown in for a mix, but the real focus is on the more evil characters.  The antagonists keep both Eva and the reader on their toes. 

The events were very fast-paced, the reader will not be bored.  The plot was interesting, not many authors take on a story where the emotions of the main character vacillate so much due to her circumstances.  This book is recommended to adults.

4 Stars