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Zaftan Miscreants by Hank Quense

Thursday, September 8, 2011
The Zaftans and the natives from Gundarland are at it again. This time, the encounter is in deep space and two powerful fleets of warships face off.
While the fleets challenge each other, two females struggle to survive.
One, named Sam, is a new type of android with an organic brain. She is perplexed by her unexpected ability to experience emotions. Her primary one is loneliness since the softie officers she is supposed to work with treat her with open contempt. The only friendly
Zaftan Miscreants 2
voice on the battle cruiser is the ship's main computer, called Slash 9, and he has turned rogue and plans to evolve to a softie-like state. Slash 9 is also interested in romancing Sam.
Meanwhile, Klatze, a beautiful Zaftan officer blessed with talent and ability, a rarity in the zaftan navy, comes to the attention of the fleet's commodore, Gonzeblazn. He lusts after her and her continuous refusals to have sex angers the commodore and his lust turns to thoughts of vengeance. Gonzeblazn's desire to slaughter Klatze continues after his navy career is cut short by treachery.
After becoming a pirate, his thirst for revenge continues.
Sam and Klatze each face unique situations that test their mettle and their desire to survive in the midst of chaos.

Goodreads Summary

This book is certainly interesting.  The plot is a tad reminiscent of Star Wars type technology with several twists thrown in.  This book could be good for both genders too, a rarity. 

The main characters are Sam, Slash 9, and Klatze with Gonzeblazn vacillating between secondary and primary characterhood.  Sam is the most likable character.  For an android, she's surprisingly sweet and kind.  She appears more human than some of the humans in the novel.  Slash 9 is slightly charismatic and driven by his desire to become "more than friends" with Sam.  The reader will enjoy watching their star crossed romance grow.  Klatze is a toughie.  However, the book needs a strong female character, makes it an even better read.  She's all about business and fends off Gonzeblazn's advances.  Aside from having a hard time pronouncing the characters' names (some, not all), they make for an intriguing bunch of characters.

The plot is relatively fast-paced, events take place quickly in the book without too much of a lag.  The book is an easy read, switching between different characters' point of views with ease.  This book is recommended to young adults/adults. 

4 Stars