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Devil. May. Care. by Jolene Ballard Gutierrez

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When Ana takes off flying across the high school stage, her life is forever changed. Searching for answers, Ana meets Gabrielle, her mentor. Gabrielle teaches Ana that she’s an angel and is here on Earth to help prepare for a war between good and evil. The only problem? Ana can’t always tell who’s good and who’s evil. While she’s learning, Ana meets the man of her dreams, Dylan. He’s gorgeous, sexy, and really seems to care about Ana. Even though he’s a demon, Ana’s heart tells her to trust him. Then Ana’s world is shattered and she finds herself alone and afraid. As the boundaries between good and evil blur, Ana realizes she no longer knows who she can trust and who might be out to kill her.

Goodreads Summary

This novel was impossible to put down.  The main character, Ana, is the main draw to the novel.  Ana is honest to a fault, refreshingly clear with regards to her intentions, and caring.  She remains a constant throughout the novel.

As far as angel books go, this book offers an interesting new perspective.  The author explains quite clearly and succinctly, the reader won't be confused or left wondering.  The author incorporates the angels into the novel as characters, they aren't left to the readers' imagination and they are given distinct personalities.  The main character has a guardian angel that isn't the love interest, a major difference as compared to many other angel books.

Dylan is the love interest, the most intriguing quality he has is that he can smell like chocolate!  He is handsome, protective of Ana, and the perfect love interest for this novel.  The secondary characters, particularly Gabriel, are very fun to meet.

This novel is perfect for young adult/teen readers...even adult readers.  The book ends very well, the events are fast-paced, the book is hard to put down, and the characters are very well-developed.

5 Stars


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my book, Krystal! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    This looks really good. Is it out yet?