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Weight of the World (Old Wounds, #3) by N.K. Smith

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Now that the lonely and deeply damaged teenagers have discovered a strong interest in one another, what else is left to reveal and how much more can each of them handle? Sophie has taken great steps to let him in, but is Elliott ready to do the same?

With a painful past buried deep within him, Elliott embarks on a journey of self-discovery propelled by a need to be normal for his new girlfriend. Amid a lifetime of betrayal, Sophie continues down the perilous road of recovering her true strength. Each of them has something to hide and an incredible untapped reserve of compassion, love, and friendship.

Their new relationship is put to the test by both mundane and extraordinary circumstances alike. Sophie has to face up to the life she’s led, while Elliott must decide to come to terms with the life he’s been given.

The hardest part of learning how to love is allowing oneself to be vulnerable to another. As children, their choices were taken from them, and as young adults they struggle to lower their walls and let each other in. Sophie Young and Elliott Dalton continue to explore life,
themselves, and each other. They learn how to trust and what it takes to fully participate in a life of love.. Every day they reveal a little more about themselves, but will it be enough or will the past continue to hold them hostage?

Goodreads Summary

The summary above from Goodreads pretty much says it all-without giving away any spoilers, I can't say much more on the subject of the plot.  This book picks up right where #2 left off, giving a little background information for readers who hadn't picked up this series recently. 

Sophie and Elliot are the main characters, they both have terrible pasts.  Sophie, for the most part, has given up her previous life of drugs and drinking and is one the road to recovery.  Elliot, however, is still mad at the world and not afraid to show it.  The reader will root for these two throughout the novel.  Elliot will eventually break down, much to the readers' chagrin and slight fear.  Sophie is the comforting presence in the book, but not even she can prevent Elliot from a huge upset.  This book is very powerful, the reader will connect to the characters.  This book is recommended for young adults/adults.

4 Stars