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Bloodlands by Christine Cody

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
The New Badlands—a desolate area in the West forged by the terrible events that altered the entire country, where a few frightened citizens retreated underground to shelter from the brutal weather... and from a society gone deadly dangerous.

Then the vampire arrived—and they started calling it the Bloodlands.

Not because Gabriel, the so-called monster running from his true self, was searching for his lover’s murderer. Nor because Mariah, the woman who reluctantly took him in, was willing to do anything to survive in the changed world.

No, the Badlands officially became the Bloodlands the moment a gun-for-hire who’d decided to slay every monster left in the country came after Gabriel...

Goodreads Summary

This novel is a dystopian mixed with wild west mixed with vampire.  The main characters, Mariah and Gabriel, meet under very unusual circumstances.  Mariah is a drifter who comes to the New Badlands in an attempt to start over and live her life.  Gabriel shows up at her door, wounded and dying; thanks to Mariah's mutant dog, who informs her she should let him in, he survives.  Gabriel is one of those characters that the reader will have a hard time classifying-good or evil? humane or cold?  He is desperately searching for his lost love, Abby, who appears to have taken his humanity with her when she left. 

Stamp, another interesting character, is looking to annihilate the small community in the Badlands.  He wants their resources for his own.  When his men begin to disappear, Gabriel suspects himself-he is, after all, a vampire with bloodlust who hides his true nature.  The novel takes off from this point, growing more and more complicated, but interesting. 

The lines between good and bad characters and situations blur, the reader shouldn't make snap judgement.  The events are evenly paced...some parts are faster than others.  There will be a second in this series to look forward to as well.  This book is recommended to those who reader dystopian novels, adults.

4 Stars


  1. Pabkins said...:

    I just got this book in the mail! I have to admit it was the mix of wild western and vampire that sealed the deal for me.

  1. Krystal Larson said...:

    Good! I really think you'll enjoy it :)