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Heather Song by Michael Phillips

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
Newly married, Marie and Alaster Reidhaven's life seems idyllic. But things start to fall apart when the Duke's sister's curses and spells start to plague them. Alaster dies and again Marie is widowed. Marie returns to Canada to visit her dying father. The reunion is tender and healing for them both.
Unexpectedly months later, Marie is astonished to learn that back in Scotland, her deceased husband Alaster never signed their pre-nup and had instead undertaken the legalities necessary to insure his estate would indeed go to Marie. Olivia is furious and full of threats and attempts to kill Marie and then disappears. Marie inherits and again assumes the title and role of duchess.
But now the other half of her former "love triangle" bubbles up from out of her past. Marie and Grahm begin seeing each other "as friends" awaiting God's leading.
Reidhaven family line is at an end, the legacy of their memory to be carried forward by Marie who loved, in the end, all of them.

Goodreads Summary

The reader will be happy to meet Marie, the main character for this novel.  She is feeling as everyone does every once and a while-a little nostalgic and as if something is missing from her life.  She decides to pack up her harp and head to Scotland.  Once in Scotland, she meets a variety of characters with different personalities and quirks.  Olivia acts as the antagonist for this novel, she repeatedly enforces silly superstitions that may turn out to be a dangerous past time in the end.  She also meets Gwendolyn and her father The Duke...she rarely sees The Duke, however. 

In a series of quick events, Marie brings Gwendolyn and Alasdair together-only to find that she is in love with both Alasdair and Iain.  Poor Gwendolyn dies not long into the novel, leaving Marie in a conundrum.  Should she act on her feelings?  and how?

Marie decides to marry Alasdair, they agree to a pre-nup to ensure that their love is not complicated by money.  They are a happy couple until...Alasdair passes away.  Marie is forced to fly home to see her father, who is also in a very bad state of health.  During this time, Olivia has been working behind Marie's back to prevent Marie's potential inheritance from taking place and undermining Marie's love and friendship with others.  The novel really takes off from here-both legally and morally.

Marie is a fun character to read about.  She tends to be caring, sincere, and happy.  The other characters are just as fun to get to know, Alasdair will tug at the readers' heartstrings.  The events are fast-paced, the story is full of twists that will surprise the reader.  The legal battle is both exciting and will place the reader firmly on Marie's side of the battle.  This book is recommended to adults.

4 Stars