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Meggie Brooks by Daphne Woods

Friday, September 16, 2011

Growing up in a small rural township in New Jersey, Meggie Brooks lives an almost idyllic life, enjoying the beauty of her country environment and the warmth of her extended family despite her relatives' often hilarious, dysfunctional, and sometimes mysterious behavior. But there are some things too strange for even a child to ignore, and as the years pass, Meggie is forced to question whether all is as it seems. As she uncovers the secret that has held the family in its grip for twenty years, the greatest desire of her heart is to find love and acceptance, but can she overcome the loss of her best friend, the deception of her family, and the betrayal of the man she loves? Will she ever find a man who shares her values, or is she doomed to a life of loneliness? A young girl's journey into adulthood, a poignant search for love, a family saga full of mystery and intrigue, and a passionate romance ‒this amazingly rich novel is all these and more.

Goodreads Summary

This book was very entertaining.  The reader shouldn't have a hard time sitting down for hours with this book.  The main character, Meggie, is a dynamic character.  She is inquisitive, caring, and intelligent.  This book is definitely aimed at the young adults/adults-the reader will likely expand his/her vocabulary. 

The story is certainly fun to read, even engrossing.  The plot shifts around, there is mystery, intrigue, action, and romance-something for every reader.  It is too difficult to describe the plot without giving anything away, but the ending is perfect for the novel and the events are timely-fairly fast-paced.  The secondary characters are actually well-developed, the reader will get to know most of them pretty well.  The author has a very fluid way of writing, the transitions are not choppy.  Meggie will become like a best friend to the reader, who will watch her grow and develop.  This book is definitely recommended to young adults/adults who enjoy a variety of genres. 

4 Stars