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Guest Post and Giveaway With Linda Yellin!

Thursday, September 29, 2011
It’s one week from the official publication date of my memoir and in case anyone’s wondering what’s keeping me up at night – no, it’s not wild anticipation. (The process for this publication business takes waaaay too long for anyone to maintain wild anticipation. If there’s someone out there who can stay wildly anticipant for over a year, I’d like to shake your hand.)

What’s keeping me up at night is fear. So I will now share some of the book reviews I hope I never see. And after that, I will take a good long nap, because frankly, I’m exhausted.

Here goes:

“A memoir you’ll want to forget.”

“Insomniacs rejoice!”

“The real reason Borders is closing.”

“Not meant for human consumption.”

“I’d rather read the phone book.”

“Trees died to print this?”

“This book made me cry. Unfortunately, it’s meant to be funny.”

“I’d rather read the health care bill.”

“If Mr. Simon and Mr. Schuster were alive today – they’d wish they were dead.”

If anyone does happen to stumble across any of these reviews, please – keep ‘em to yourself. Hopefully, I’ll still be napping. my review can be found here!  This is one book worth reading! 

Where can you find this awesome book?

Giveaway: Please leave a comment with your name and email.  You can earn one extra entry by being a GFC follower-just mention it in the same comment.  USA only please!  Thank you for stopping by!

Linda is from Chicago and now lives in New York, NY.  Two upcoming Chicago events:

Thursday, October 20, 7:00 pm
Bookstall at Chestnut Court
811 Elm St.
Winnetka, IL

Friday, October 21, 7:00 pm
Barnes & Noble
297 Oakbrook Center
Oak Park, IL  60523

“THE LAST BLIND DATE is a candid and charmingly funny account of love and step-parenting.   Linda Yellin’s sympathy, wit, and nerve make her determined forging of a family a success, and this book about it completely winning.”
—Hilma Wolitzer, best-selling author of Hearts,
The    Doctor’s Daughter and Summer Reading

“Filled with lots of girl-talk, this memoir will appeal to readers who can’t get enough of the beginning, middle and sweet endings of love stories.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Move over,  Nora Ephron.  There’s a new humorist in town.”
—Sam Apple, The Faster Times

“A valentine for optimism, risk-taking, and love itself.”
—Sally Koslow, author of With Friends Like These


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  1. As a librarian, I believe in supporting independent authors! Keep on getting the word out...


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