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The Last Blind Date by Linda Yellin

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A fun, charming memoir about a woman who falls in love, packs her bags, and starts over in the city that eats its young.

Goodreads Summary

This book follows exactly as the very short summary suggests.  However, a reader should know more about this memoir before running out to get it (and you WILL run).  This memoir is hysterical, the author infuses her own personality into her book and is actually successful-there are many misses when an author attempts to do this, Linda succeeds admirably. 

The reader will learn about Linda's life to an almost embarrassingly honest degree.  Linda provides some background information for the reader: who she married, why she divorced, what she did with her free time, and her regrets.  She manages to recount her experiences to the reader without making everything sound depressing.  Readers don't always like depressing, especially for long chapters-no need to worry with this book. 

Linda attempts to date some other men that she is set up with, the vast majority are misses...then she meets Randy.  Randy is the other side of Linda, he's funny and caring with his own quirks.  She decides Randy might do.  The rest of the memoir continues with Linda recounting how their relationship slowly developed with all the (un)usual bumps along the way.  From expensive dinner parties to arguments over small expenses, Linda will have the reader laughing all the way.  This memoir is terrific for young adults/adults.

5 Stars