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Guest Post and Giveaway With Amber Scott!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Top Ten Favorite Paranormal Movies

By Amber Scott

10. Poltergeist—I don’t think I can look at a gnarled tree the same ever since seeing that movie. And a pool? If we ever get one, I’ll have to wear blinders so I don’t have to see the wall of dirt and imagine bodies coming out in the rain.

9. Love at First Bite—I must have been pretty young when I saw it but I loved the scene where the vampire gets drunk after drinking the blood of a wino bum. Too funny!

8. Ghost—I was never that crazy about that pottery scene, especially how fast they got clean enough not to get clay prints all over each other, but the mystery and suspense portion is just awesome.

7.  In the Company of Wolves—I adore this little spin on the Red Writing Hood fairytale. It’s sexy and a bit dreamlike and the wolf in the woods who is out to seduce Red is delicious.

6. Ghostbusters—so hilarious. I even loved the cartoon! We need a modern twist on this concept, methinks. A comedy with a paranormal bend. I suppose Buffy the Vampire Slayer was, to an extent. 

5.  Zombieland—Double tap! Need I say more?

4. Twilight—yep, I’m a Twi-hard. I devoured the books in a matter of days and still can’t pick my team. Edward, Jacob? Can I have both?

3. Any and ll Harry Potter movies—I’m not sure there will ever be anything like Harry Potter. The deliciously detailed magic inventions in each movie simultaneously impresses me and sounds perfectly logical. Where’s my time-turner?!

2. Sean of the Dead—I laughed so hard all the way through this flick. What I love most? That it is essentially about the hero’s fear of commitment. He can’t choose between his best friend and his girlfriend. Then zombies hit. Ruh-roh.

1. Underworld—I love, love, LOVE this twist on vampires and werewolves. I love how dark and gothic yet fantasy it is. Plus, a seriously kickass heroine. The author's awesome site, check it out!

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  1. Nice giveaway! I already have the book but wanted to stop to say hi and gl to everyone! Also, still plugging for that kindle at the end LOL Love this tour.
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

  1. Carole M said...:

    wow - thanks!
    cjmalt at gmail dot com

  1. Lisa said...:

    underworld was great! loving the novels Amber

  1. Of course when I see the mention that you loved the cartoon of GHOSTBUSTERS I have to ask which - presuming you mean THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS (later SLIMER AND THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS) which featured the same characters and not the one just titled GHOSTBUSTERS from Filmation. Related note, did you ever see EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS in the 1990s? I actually worked in production on that show, some people liked it and some didn't. Other than that, and watching BUFFY and ANGEL, my interest in paranormal things seem to be narrow... or perhaps the definition is wider than I think. - Shannon Muir (

  1. wulfie said...:

    What? No Pet Sematary?

    Sweet giveaway!

    wulfshado AT gmail Dot Com

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Ooh! I love Underworld too ^^ Although I'm not so keen on their perception of the werewolfs, love them better in Twilight ;)
    Thanks for the giveaway, would love to win it ^^
    witchmag AT live DOT nl

  1. Nikki said...:

    I have the entire underworld series!! I love it and Micheal was sooo sexxxxy!!

  1. I havent watched sean of the dead yet but i heard it was great . Need to put that on my netflix list

  1. Holly said...:

    Gave me a few movies to check out! Lol

    Great giveaway!


  1. Darcus said...:

    Sounds interesting! Thank you so much!


  1. Denise Z said...:

    I have read Fierce Dawn and it is a wonderful book by a very talented author and definitely worth checking out. Thank you for sharing with us today.

  1. mk said...:

    Nice giveaway. Thanks!

  1. Darlene said...:

    Sounds like a great book! I'd love to read it!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I love romance and haven't been able to find many good ones lately. This gives me hope! Even if I don't win, I hope I can find a copy.


  1. wulfie said...:

    Thanks, this was awesome. Will put up a review when I finish reading them and thanks also for the bonus. :)