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Chronicles of the Apocalypse: Revenge, Everything is Nothing by Zach Richardson

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chronicles of the Apocalypse is a six part urban fantasy tale of how a handful of individuals from radically different backgrounds must band together and spearhead humanity's fight to survive when our world is invaded by the legions of Hell. Part 1, Revenge, Everything is Nothing introduces the first of these individuals; a 36 year old man named Jin Sakai. A man responsible for the deaths of his wife and two children. When an attempt is made on his own life, Jin takes up his sword and sets out on a furious and bloody quest for revenge, never knowing that he is merely one player in a much larger game...

Goodreads Summary

The reader meets Jin, the main character, in a sad, contemplative state.  He has been alone in an out-of-the-way cabin for five years.  Prior to living in the cabin, he lived a double life.  In one, he was a caring, family man to his wife and children; in the other, he was the world's deadliest assassin.  The fight scenes in this book are believable and high-energy, the reader will appreciate the reality of them.  Jin decides to take revenge for his wrecked homelife, he enters a deadly game.  He needs to keep his wits about him and his head clear at all times. 

This book is packed with action, the action is constant and the reader will move from one intense scene to the next.  The author writes as if he himself had the same or similar experiences with these fight scenes as Jin.  Jin is an intriguing, complex character.  The reader may have a hard time connecting to him at first, he can be standoffish.  The other secondary characters vary from interesting to meet to despicable.  The reader will have fun wading through this book.  This book is recommended to young adults/adults who love a good action book.

4 Stars


  1. Rebecca said...:

    Thanks for your book review.

  1. Thank you very much for your review Krystal. I'm very happy that you've enjoyed my novel. :)