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Magel's Ghost by Nancy Baker

Friday, July 29, 2011
Nancy Baker is the author of Magel's Daughter, her first novel, and the sequel, Magel s Ghost. The stories are dark comedies laced with magical realism and take place in Minnesota. Her third novel Island Adrift is the first in series of The Mac Books. The novel is also laced with magical realism while maintaining a more serious base to the text. She is currently working on the next book in the series. Her education has taken a varied and unusual route. She holds a BFA from the College of Art and Design in Minneapolis and worked in the field of Graphic Design for ten years. At the same time she took night classes at The Loft Literary Center and has been writing ever since. At the start of her writing career she produced several children's stories and adult short stories. She is married and the mother of four children who supply her with endless material.

Amazon Summary

This novel is unusual, however, fans of paranormal romance will appreciate it.  Karin, the main character, is tortured by the Olina women-her deceased relatives.  Karin sees them and is forced to put up with them when they decide to live in her townhouse.  No one in her family appears exempt from the madness.  Marit has an eerie and deadly fascination with body parts, Magel kept body parts in the freezer, etc... So it is not surprising when Karin exhibits signs of insanity as well. 

After her wild and crazy romance with Leo, Karin takes up with James to complete this crazy series with a bang.  She meets the wealthy Minneapolis family and becomes the lover of the grandfather, father, and son.  The scenes vary from downright eerie to incredibly humorous-involving a tail in one scene.  Karin continues spiralling into insanity with the reader following her unfortunate destructive events.  She is not actually a character the reader can love or hate.  She's more of a "the reader can't believe this is actually happening, even in a novel" type of character. 

This novel is recommended for adults who enjoy paranormal romance tinged with insanity. 

3 1/2 Stars