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Uncaged by Paul McKellips

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
In a thrill a minute read, author Paul McKellips poses a frightening “what if” scenario that will leave the human race on the brink of certain disaster. When a series of attacks on animal researchers leave several people dead, the government—including the President—issues an immediate ban on animal testing. And that’s when the real trouble begins…
At the heart of the action are two government agents, the dashing Commander “Camp” Campbell, a man as decorated for his bravery in Iraq as for his own self-professed charm. Lieutenant Colonel Leslie Raines is the more practical of the two, a woman defined by her dedication to rules. Camp has returned to the States, newly reassigned to a government-funded test site. When the ban on animals comes down, Camp pulls a restless act by making off with two hundred rats…and winds up in deep trouble. He is immediately banished for a year, his superiors hoping the ramifications of his stunt will have worn off by then. Raines, uncharacteristically covering for him, finds herself joining him. But where they are headed only increases the risk—both to themselves, to the scientist whose very existence is threatened…and the future of the human race.

Who is really behind the ban on animal testing? And why? Could a deadly, dangerous fanatical group be behind the threat of a new vein of plague sweeping across the country…or worse, could it be someone people have come to trust?

Good Reads Summary

What many readers will enjoy about this book is the there is immediate action right when he/she opens the page.  It will not take long for a reader to catch on to the plot and understand what the meaning of the novel is, as is the case with some science fiction novels.  This novel is told from several different point of views, making it easier for the reader to understand and read the whole picture.  The author captures each different characters' reactions and dialogue very well.  

The plot itself is more than intriguing enough to capture and keep the readers' interest.  It is obvious that the writer has done his research, which can be further verified when the reader comes across the author's impressive bio.  The plot will uncover several hardcore issues that need to be addressed and reevaluated.  Terrorism, bio terrorism, and animal rights will be delved into; the author remains somewhat nonjudgmental, perfect for this novel.  At times, the multiple issues may force the reader to go back a few pages to digest what just occurred or was implied. 

The characters, though somewhat stereotypical, help to draw the reader further into the book.  The reader will enjoy getting to know each of them.  This book is recommended for readers who read novels containing world issues, medical issues, etc...

4 Stars


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    Sounds good! Thanks for the review!
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