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Gog & Magog: The Devil's Descendants (Volume 1) by Jerry Pollock,

Monday, July 11, 2011
Satan is on a quest to bring about the End of Days in this riveting thriller by Jerry Pollock. Satan, long banished from Heaven by God, begins his quest for world domination in the Garden of Eden, where he tempts Eve to eat a fig from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Traveling forward in time, Satan finds himself in present-day America—where the President and his son Cain are his descendants. Standing between Satan and his unholy mission are some unforgettable characters who represent the good in humankind. Abel Slobodkin is a righteous young man, and doesn’t realize it, but he has been chosen by God to battle against Satan’s evil plans. He will clearly need the help of his future mother-in-law, Dr. Elizabeth Corsini, a brilliant psychiatrist at a Washington, DC, hospital. In the course of treating a mental patient, reporter Esther Hirsch, Elizabeth begins to realize that Esther’s recurring nightmare is not just the product of a troubled mind, it is both biblical in nature—and represents a covert operation being carried on by the White House. Elizabeth soon realizes there is a conspiracy in the works, called Code Name Daniel, and people involved are turning up dead. She realizes she is next to be killed unless she, and her sister, FBI agent Daniela Corsini, trade their information on operation Code Name Daniel, for their lives. A showdown takes place after the president wins reelection in 2020, and Cain becomes his powerful chief of staff. God and Satan order Abel and Cain to fight a duel, which takes place against the backdrop of Arlington National Cemetery. In a climax that is both harrowing and uplifting, God returns to make his presence known to Earth by performing miracles incredible to Him, and the hidden meaning of Gog and Magog is revealed.

Good Reads Summary

This is a very inspired novel.  The book revolves around the idea that the Devil attempts to take over the human world.  The characters utilized all fit in with the plot perfectly.  Their personalities are just as the reader may imagine; the Devil cold and calculating while Abel is righteous and hard-working.  As Cain slowly makes his way to chief of staff to the President, Abel knows he needs to fight him all the way.  The plot is very intriguing and is not common at all.  The reader will be on sharp alert throughout the novel and interested in the characters and plot the whole time.  The dialogue is fun and engaging, very memorable.  The ending is exciting and satisfying.  The novel is written a little bit like a play, the names of the characters indicating who is saying what in the story.  This novel is recommended for adults/young adults who enjoy novels with religious themes. 

4 stars