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The Little Red Book of Wisdom: Mark DeMoss

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Mark DeMoss gathers insights for living wisely from history, Scripture, and a lifetime of listening. The result is a handy, accessible book that gives readers a new way to enjoy lasting success in the work world and beyond. Topics include finding and keeping your focus in life, building a winning corporate culture, and setting aside time for good thinking.
Amazon synopsis

The author emphasizes the spiritual when it comes to his advice.  There is plenty to draw from the book, the advice can be skewed towards many situations and still fit.  The author has a succinct way of getting his point across, very direct. The chapters are split so that each bit of advice is spread out and very understandable-not too many complex meanings.  The reader does not feel as if the writer talks down to him/her at all.  This book is recommended for adults/young adults who might need just a little more wisdom in their lives.