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Guest Post With Katie Salidas and Giveaway :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Vampires are Sexy!

Since I’m a lover of all things vamp, I thought I’d tell you why vamps have such appeal (at least to me), namely sex appeal.

For starters, let’s look at the basic make up of a vampire.

Firstly, vampires are predators. It is in their nature. And, let’s face it women, we do like being chased (by men we want to catch us.)

Next, vampires always seem to be chosen and turned at the peak of their lives. They are at their most virile. Males are hard bodied and don’t have an ounce of flab on them. (Every woman’s dream, right?)

They have piercing eyes that can reach into your very soul and mesmerize the pants right off of you. Not that many of us might mind that… LoL. Once they’ve got you in their strong, capable arms, you just want to melt. Their strength represents power and protection (once you know they want more than just your blood. LoL).

Of course, let’s not forget that they are the ultimate bad boy. And women, we cannot deny that somewhere deep down, there is a lingering desire for the danger and excitement they offer.

The teeth too have their own sex appeal. They are not only phallic on a subconscious level; they represent the very real danger that makes you tingle with anticipation. So let’s talk about that bite, shall we? Where do vampires typically bite? The neck. It’s a known erogenous zone. Need I say more?

Ok, I’ll say more. There is more to the bite. It goes a little deeper. It’s that primal hunger that makes them sexy. Here is a hot, hard-bodied man who hungers for you. It’s a very sexual thought that sends a thrill of excitement down your spine.

Beyond the physical, there is also the intelligence they possess. They’ve been around the block, so-to-speak. They have done and seen more things that we can possibly imagine. Which makes them capable of being a mate instead of just a boy toy. They are someone you can enjoy beyond the bedroom … for eternity.

So, that’s just a few of my reasons to find vampires sexy. And that’s the reason I love to write stories about them. It just feels right! Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun. Thanks for reading, and if you want to check out my work, you can find me at

Immortalis Carpe Noctem (Book 1)

Becoming a vampire is easy. Living with the condition... that's the hard part.

Bleeding to death after brutal mugging, twenty-five year old Alyssa is rescued by the most unlikely hero: the handsome and aloof vampire, Lysander.

His gift of immortal blood initiates Alyssa into a frightening, eternally dark world filled with: bloodlust, religious fanaticism, and thousand-year old vendettas.

With Lysander as her guide, Alyssa will have to learn what it takes to survive in the immortal world. She'll have to find the strength to accept her new reality and carpe noctem; or give in, and submit to final death.

Hunters & Prey (Book 2)

Becoming a vampire saved Alyssa from death, but the price was high: the loss of everything and everyone attached to her mortal life. She’s still learning to cope when a surprise confrontation with Santino Vitale, the Acta Sanctorum’s most fearsome hunter, sends her fleeing back to the world she once knew, and Fallon, the friend she’s missed more than anything.

Alyssa breaks vampire law by revealing her new, true self to her old friend, a fact which causes strong division in the group that should support her most: her clan.

Pandora’s Box (Book 3)

After a few months as a vampire, Alyssa thought she’d learned all she needed to know about the supernatural world. But her confidence is shattered by the delivery of a mysterious package – a Pandora’s Box.

Seemingly innocuous, the box is in reality an ancient prison, generated by a magic more powerful than anyone in her clan has ever known. But what manner of evil could need such force to contain it?

When the box is opened, the sinister creature within is released, and only supernatural blood will satiate its thirst. The clan soon learns how it feels when the hunter becomes the hunted.

Powerless against the ancient evil, the clan flees Las Vegas for Boston, with only a slim hope for salvation. Could Lysander’s old journals hold the key? And what if they don’t?

And how welcome will they be in a city run by a whole different kind of supernatural being?


To purchase the Immortalis books (In print and ebook):

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Barnes & Noble


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    Thank you so much for stopping by, Katie! I love your guest post :) ~Krystal

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    Great post. I loved the first two novels in this series and cant wait to read this one too.

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    Pandora's Box sounds like it'll be a great book Katie :)

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    Katie, great post! Enjoyed it. This series sounds really cool..Hey Krystal :) thanks for hosting so I could discover this series!! I also appreciate you stopping my my interview today with David Brown and his tour stop featuring his new book
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    This is so fun - I appreciate reading all these great posts and finding new sites. Thank you for sharing with me today.
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    I loved the guest post, and I agree that vampires are sexy :) I'd love to read your vamp novel!

    Please enter me in the draw!

    I'm following you on GFC (Darlene), and my email address is darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com.

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    this sounds like a great read! cant wait to check it out! gfc- shadow_kohler

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    You had me at the ultimate bad boy.