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Josefina's Sin by Cluadia H. Long

Friday, July 29, 2011
A passionate debut novel about a wealthy landowner’s wife whose life is turned upside down when she visits the Spanish Court in 17th century Mexico.

Good Reads Summary

Even thought the book is decently sized, it will take an avid reader only about 2-3 days to enjoy.  This book is hard to put down.  The main character, Josefina, is a pitiable character.  The reader will truly root for her during the novel.  She is caring, especially when it concerns her children, and pious, when it comes to her husband and religion/society.  She is definitely not a strong female character, however, in this time period she is not meant to be.  The author manages to instill in Josefina all of the traits that a reader could see a woman containing in the 17th century. 

The plot itself is not necessarily "special".  Josefina deals with the normal events that a woman of that time period would be forced to deal with-a husband who doesn't seem to love her, a family that was forced upon her, and no real position in society.  She is portrayed as more of a wallflower, something pretty to look at, but not necessarily good for anything. 

There are quite a few events in the novel that will make a reader grimace or frown.  These are very realistically written-the author spares no details.  Not all readers will appreciate these types of scenes, but they are formative to Josefina.  Josefina longs for a life where she can make her own choices and act as she wishes, but she never makes it-she is repressed. 

This novel has adultery, abuse, immorality, etc... filling its pages, however, there is also love and hope.  This book is recommended for adults who enjoy historical novels.

4 Stars