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A Kid’s Guide to being a Winner by C.D. Shelton

Thursday, July 21, 2011
A Kid's Guide to being a Winner is an easy-to-read book for kids who are in need of that little "Extra" spark of understanding. A Kid's Guide to being a Winner is a book for young people on the Values of being responsible, being thoughtful, being respectful, having a positive mental attitude and having gratitude. A Kid's guide to being a Winner is about timeless and fundamental principles, which are essential to SUCCESS. A Kid's Guide to being a Winner includes steps that are simple, yet the results are POWERFUL.

Good Reads Summary

Grade school age children may be inspired and heartened by the simple instructions/advice found in this thirty-nine page, illustrated book.  The examples and illustrations of right behavior (helping to carry grocery bags,) offered by Shelton and illustrated by Gillespie, will give kids concrete examples of how to live out each of the five qualities which create a winner: responsibility, thoughtfulness, respectful behavior, feelings of gratitude, and a positive mental attitude.  A parent or teacher could use the book to reinforce a child’s behavior.  Matching the child’s achievement to a description of a winner’s qualities in the book might encourage the child to further imitate other behaviors and outlooks in the text.  Mom and Dad might find that the review helps improve their own daily interactions with their children and with others.      

4 Stars

by Colleen Corsiglia