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Keeping Grace Alive by Annie Lee

Saturday, July 30, 2011
Rudy Talbot, head of one of America's largest organized crime rings, hires his main hit man, Jessie Conners, to kill his step-daughter Grace. Jessie Conners is a seasoned hitman who has never missed a hit before. That is, until he met "Gracie" five years ago and fell in love with her. Gracie is a rebellious socialite in her mid-twenties. Refusing to marry the current Senator's son, Phillip Proctor, Gracie stands in the way of Rudy Talbot and his political dreams. Rudy knows both Jessie and Phillip have feelings for Gracie. Attempting to play the two men off of each other, Rudy's plan backfires when Jessie stages an abduction to whisk Gracie to safety. But Conner's had no idea that falling in love with Gracie would lead to the seemingly impossible task of keeping Gracie alive as her own medical conditions and step-father threaten her every move. Hiding her in his Pocono Mountain cabin, it soon becomes apparent that the only person who can keep Gracie alive is herself. And the only thing that guarantees her safety, going back and facing her past, will most likely get her killed. Jessie Conners goes against everything he knows in a struggle to save the love of his life. Suspense, mystery, and romance await readers of Keeping Grace Alive.

Good Reads Summary

This is a terrific romance novel.  The main characters, Grace and Jessie, are perfect for each other and complement each other as well.  Grace is delicate, pretty, and feisty while Jessie is strong, protective, handsome, dangerous, and built (female readers will enjoy this little fact).  The novel begins with immediate action-Jessie is ordered to kill Grace-and there is no lag throughout the book.  The reader will not be bored.  Rudy is an unforgiving character; he is brassy, heartless, and almost sociopathic.  When he sets his sights on seeing Grace dead, Jessie knows he must act and surprise Rudy in order to save her.  The novel continues much in the same way.  The reader will be continually surprised by new developments and the events will fly by. 

The interaction between Grace and Jessie is sweet and surprisingly endearing.  These two character have no trouble winning the reader over.  The author portrays them in an almost Romeo and Juliet stereotypical way-Grace is the one girl Jessie cannot have.  The ending is very satisfying and will make the reader happy he/she read the novel.  This book is very well-written, eliciting emotions in the reader as only a skilled author can.  This book is recommended for adults who enjoy a seemingly impossible romance every once in a while. 

5 Stars