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Truly, Everything by J.R. Armstrong

Saturday, July 30, 2011
In the spring of 1967, Michael and Meg promise to reunite in five years to decide if their high school romance is still alive.
They fail to keep the promise and thirteen years pass before a chance encounter brings them together once again.
After a life-altering accident, can their love continue amidst mystery, confusion, and deception?

Good Reads Summary

This novel is the sequel to "Owe it to the Wind" and just as intriguing.  The main characters all have separate life stories that the reader will enjoy delving in to see the big picture. 

  Michael, her high school sweetheart, is slightly rough around the edges, but he is a smooth talker and soon has Meg under his wing.  Josh, Michael's brother, has always hidden his true feelings for Meg.   The reader will find the slight love triangle interesting as the story progresses.  Meg gradually gets better from her accident and ends up in a few very confusing situations that the reader will ponder through with the character.

The plot on the surface is fairly common; however, as soon as the reader digs a little bit deeper, this plot won't be like anything the reader has read about in other books.  The writer has a very smooth way of writing and the transitions from one event to the next are terrific, the reader will not be any more confused than the main character herself-which is the author's aim.  The dialogue holds little hints and clues for the reader to digest and attempt to guess at the ending.  The ending will be a surprise to both the reader and the main character, but the author does a good job explaining.  This book is recommended to young adults/adults who enjoy novels containing romance, mystery, and drama. 

4 Stars