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How to Marry a Rake: a race for love: by Deb Marlowe

Thursday, July 7, 2011
Back from Europe, heiress Mae Halford has mended her heart after her friend Stephen Manning's rejection. Looking radiant and full of confidence, she's ready to find herself a husband!
Only, the first man she bumps into at a Newmarket house party is Lord Stephen himself! When the two find themselves covertly working together to find a missing prized racehorse, romance blossoms. But can Mae believe that Stephen has changed enough that their adventure will lead to the altar?
Spin-off from The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor

Good Reads Summary
The reader will enjoy the main characters’ - Mae Halford’s and Stephen Manning’s - humorous, attraction-filled friendship as they try to accomplish their double goal of finding a “stolen” thoroughbred and a husband for Mae.  Descriptions of 19th century English racing provide an appealing side story; it also adds to the comedy because of the wives’ plans to take an interest in the sport in order to participate in their husbands’ obsession.
Young adults and adults will enjoy this love story between open-hearted, strong-willed Mae and Stephen who is just discovering his loyalty to his tenants and his love for intelligent, organized Mae.
3 1/2 Stars