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Forsaken by Shadow by Kait Nolan

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Embry’s father has been kidnapped by military scientists. The only one she can turn to for help is Gage, the one great love from her past. Banished from her world with his memory wiped, he’s got a new name and new life as Cade Shepherd, and no knowledge her kind exist. Can he relearn the Shadow Walker skills he learned from her father? If they survive, will Embry be able to walk away again?REVIEWS:The action scenes in Forsaken by Shadow are gripping and fast paced. They had me holding my breath for the characters as they fought for survival. More importantly, Ms. Nolan had me WANTING them all to live and be safe... Kait Nolan has created a world that is fascinating, magical and dangerous. If you enjoy Jennifer Rardin, Shannon K. Butcher, or Devon Monk you'll really enjoy Forsaken by Shadow. --Brenda Hyde, MoonsanityEXCERPT:“What do you want?” he asked, carefully easing up, keeping Embry’s body pressed close to his as he shifted to put himself between the intruders and her, both as a means of protection and to preserve some measure of her modesty. “I said, let her go.” “Matthias, don’t. He didn’t—” Embry started.“Shut your mouth, child. You weren’t supposed to be here.”Gage’s mind whirled. So they were coming after me. They don’t want her. I can keep her safe if I can just get her out of here. “Will you be taking me to the Council?” he asked. He moved over a couple of steps, retrieving Embry’s t-shirt and passing it back to her. “And expose Adan’s little side project? I don’t think so. We’re simply here to take care of the problem before it gets any further out of hand.” This came from the Walker to Matthias’ left. He was lean with the ropy muscles and long-fingered hands of a wraith.“Take care of the problem,” said Gage. “Meaning me.” Behind him, he felt Embry stiffen. Before she could speak, he clamped his hand down tight on hers in warning. He knew every inch of this dojo, could visualize it under any condition. Right now he opened his mind, searching for the shadows. There was a sliver, behind him. Not much, but it might be just enough for him to dematerialize them both out of here. Without knowing him, they wouldn’t be able to follow. Not fast enough. He could get Embry away, keep her safe. “Do you have any idea how many rules Adan violated with you? Bringing a human into our world?” The demand came from the Walker on the left. His dark face was barely differentiated from the shadows in which he stood. The outlines of his broad body were still blurred.“I know he gave me my life.” Gage edged backward, trying to push Embry into a corner. “A mistake we intend to rectify before it destroys him,” said the wraith.“No!” The heat behind him was instant, scorching.Gage turned toward her, shouting, “Embry, no!” But the fireballs were already flying from her hands toward the two flanking Walkers. They phased out even as Matthias dove forward and caught Gage around the waist. Matthias was the bigger man, but Gage was younger, faster. He twisted and threw the Walker into a wall, already scrambling toward Embry. She was a living flame, more than ever the child of her fire elemental mother. Heat and light pulsed off her in waves, expanding, beating in a terrifying rhythm as the nimbus grew and grew. If she went nova, she’d kill them all. Gage dove into the light, feeling no burn, no pain, just desperation to save her. If he could drag her out of the light and into the shadows, he could get her away to safety. Drawing on the darkness, he reached out for her. “You have to shut it off!”“No, you don’t underst—”His hands closed around her arms. For a heartbeat everything stilled. Then, agony ripped through him, an insatiable inferno of pain as everything she was projecting shot into his body and ripped him apart.***If you like this author, you might also like the work of Zoe Winters and Kerry Allen

Good Reads Summary

This novel is interesting and action-packed.  Embry is now in control of her own flame-making abilities and works for the Council of Races.  However, she decides to leave the job when they refuse to help her find her "kidnapped" father.  She hunts down Cade Shepherd, a man who doesn't remember his past, but is just as lethal.  The only problem?  Cade must remember his past as a Shadow Walker.  The romance doesn't take forever to take hold, the reader isn't left bored at all.  Cade and Embry tend to skirt each other and their feelings for each other in the novel, though.  The novel contains action, drama, mystery, and romance.  The action is continuous with very few lags.  This book is a novella, it will not take long to enjoy.  This novel is recommended for adults/young adults who enjoy romance mixed with action and mystery. 

3 1/2 Stars