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Hey Kids, Want Some Chocolates? by Melitta Strandberg

Saturday, July 30, 2011
This book tells of the reunion of little Melitta with her family during the 1940's.  The author describes the upheaval and sadness her family felt during this time period.  She was taken from her mother at a hospital where children were selected for experiments.  Her mothers rememberd a birthmark on her left arm-a very important identification mark.  In this very short book, the reader follows the family's life throughout this horrible time period, during their reunion, and after.  The descriptions are detailed and in depth, the reader will be able to picture the scene.  This is a book of hope and happiness for the future.  The author does not leave the readers on a cliff-hanger, the readers will be told what happens to each member of her family. 

4 Stars