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The Music of Secrets by David Halpin with a Giveaway!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
When Simon and his wife arrive on Inis Roane, a western Irish island, they intend it to be a remaking of their failing marriage and a chance to catch up with old friends, Stephen and Olivia, who have moved there following a recent tragedy.
But this sanctuary hides an astonishing secret.

On the island, a team of scientists are investigating a remarkable discovery they are desperate to protect, while Stephen and Olivia have found an extraordinary way to overcome their loss.

As Simon begins to unravel the mystery of the island he finds that the strange behaviour of the islands wildlife and the open hostility between his friends and the scientists are connected.
Simon discovers that not all languages are spoken in words and that some words should never be spoken at all.

In the tradition of Alex Garland and Iain Banks comes The Music of Secrets, the debut novel by David Halpin.
A compelling mystery with subtle science fiction undertones, The Music of Secrets is a literary tale of desperation and hope, of what is real and what can be imagined, and of what happens when we forget the difference.

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