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Domina: Society's Ilk by Edmund Alexander Sims

Friday, July 29, 2011
Domina: Society's Ilk is the story of a woman who refuses to be defined by those who can barely define themselves and rejects the dogged conventions of how she is supposed to be - levied by...yet based upon those who claim to be like her. It is the story of a superheroine who is capable of carrying an entire imprint as its franchise offering - so respected so as to garner the support of characters from an entirely different imprint for the purposes of ensuring her proper send-off into the universe. It is a story of last resorts, of sorts - in a pool of prose where the defiant metaphor which takes its plot seriously cannot be drowned. To Domina, none of this is anything new. She has always shouldered the ever increasing responsibilities of being a protector, the always welcome obligation of being a friend, and the treacherously important burden of being an entrepreneur. So why do her detractors continue to believe that they can win?

Good Reads Summary

This novel is definitely for science fiction fans.  There is plenty of sci fi speak and some wacky, but good, names for the characters.  The main character is a strong-willed female-she is definitely not the norm as far as main characters go, but the reader will grow to respect her.  The novel is really short-more like a novella almost, the reader will finish within an hour or two.  Some parts are confusing, others are intriguing.  There could have been more explanation in the book, the reader may get lost.  The best part was easily the main character; she appears as smart, dependable, loyal, etc... the secondary characters are worth reading about as well, though they do not appear much in the story.  This book is recommended for science fiction fans.

3 Stars