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Proof of the Afterlife: The Conversation Continues by Gary Joseph

Monday, July 11, 2011
This is the true story of one man's crossing over to the Other Side in September of 2005, when, after an out-of-control heart arrhythmia at 1:15 a.m., he wakes up dead in the afterlife, and comes back thirty minutes later to tell about it. In the words of his family physician, "Dude, you have been somewhere very few people ever return from." This book also chronicles his somewhat unusual daily life since that time-one of frequent God-encounters, and visits from the other side by family and friends on a mission to facilitate love, mercy, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

Good Reads Summary

What is it like to die?  Many of us will find out, but never be able to tell others about our experiences.  This is an interesting novel in that the reader will experience what the author is feeling.  The journal entries feel a tad preachy and even a little fake, however, they are intriguing.  The reader will enjoy reading about the author's ideas and extrapolations based on his near-death experience.  Many biblical references are made, these are explained well-the reader will not be confused or left in the dark.  There are pictures in the middle to help explain some of the references and stories the author speaks of.  The journals could have used a little more detail, it sometimes seemed that the author was explaining too much rather than letting the facts speak for themselves.  Overall, a reader who is interested in this topic would be most likely to enjoy this novel. 

3 Stars