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Loramendi's Story by Angela Carlie

Thursday, July 28, 2011
Lora wants nothing more than to be the wind behind sexy windsurfer Chance's sails. But fulfilling that wish just became...complicated. After seventeen years of normal life, someone wants Lora and her family dead. And the attempted massacre isn't nearly as strange as the reason behind it.

Good Reads Summary

This book starts right off with a humorous encounter with the main character's best friend showing off her newly pierced flesh.  Lora, the main character, keeps a dream journal; the reader reads part of this journal in the second chapter.  The tone for the novel is set right after the dream journal excerpt.  The novel has an undercurrent of tension that will continue throughout the story.  Lora seems to know something is going to happen to her, but she doesn't know yet quite what that something is.  "Oh my stars" is one of Lora's favorite phrases, the reader will become close to Lora in this novel and perhaps even regard her as a friend.  The setting is mainly in the town that Lora lives in.  The drama starts in chapter 3 and continues throughout the novel.  Lora and her love interest spark immediately and the reader will be eager to see where their romance is headed.   There are a few surprises in this novel, the ending itself is surprising and might be indicative of a second novel (yay!).  This novel is recommended for young adults who enjoy romance with a lot of action.

4 Stars


  1. Laurie-J said...:

    What a great review! I've been seeing quite a bit of buzz about this book. I really like books with lots of action so even though I am a mature reader, I am sure this is one I will like, as well....
    Laurie's Thoughts & Reviews

  1. Anonymous said...:

    This book is definitely worth taking a look at! ~Krystal