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Resurrect by David E. Stevens

Sunday, December 2, 2012


A Colorado Gold Finalist for Best Action Thriller of the Year, Resurrect has been called "a rollercoaster ride," "frighteningly plausible," and "impossible to put down." It highlights real-world, apocalyptic threats to humanity based on the latest cutting-edge science.

Preventing his burning fighter from crashing into a neighborhood, Navy Commander Josh Logan ejects ... too late. Critically injured, he's offered a new life and mission exploit highly classified military technology to stop a global cataclysm. The price? He'll be dead to everyone he knows.

Tuesday, Nov 20th: Drawing for Kindle Fire HD, having a character named after you, and invite to the set during the filming of Resurrect. for more information.

Goodreads Summary

The cover of this book really got me excited. My stepdad was a part of the Vietnam war and I had a feeling he knew what the plane was. He told me it was an “E-18” and why it was used. The clouds are vivid and capturing… I knew I would like this book without opening the pages. Sometimes you just know, ya know? Turns out I was right! I sat down and read this in one sitting. Stevens’ writing can’t be forgotten. There is vivid detail in every page. He paints the picture of every scene like I was there as well. The main character – Josh – is a great guy who wants to do his best for everyone.  He is brave and the characteristic hero.

Twists and turns were everywhere; I never knew where the plot would take me. Not only that, I wasn’t guessing “Oh, this will happen” because I’m too busy thinking “Oh my god that happened!” The action was awesome and kept me engrossed the whole time. I never skipped pages or thought “this is boring”.

One problem I have with the book: lingo. I believe you need to have some background before reading this. They use words and meanings that I had to quickly Google. Besides that I was really happy with Ressurect.

5 Stars

*Reviewed by Rachel*

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