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Face Up Gaming

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Social Gaming Company

Do you enjoy gaming online?  Have a penchant for poker?  Try playing online poker for free!   A Gold member ship is $24.95, but basic membership is free and allows the player to win up to $1,000 in monthly cash and prizes.  The online poker tournaments are easy to navigate on the site; the rules are laid out clearly for any newcomers. If this is the first time one has tried poker or a player wants to refresh his/her memory, there is a free online video available for poker training.  There are also poker news and tips videos available for any players interested.  The community aspect of the site is diverse and large.  Players will have fun while interacting with other people, not just a computer.  Since players are interacting with people, there is less of a chance that any players will become addicted.  Players can create an online profile and choose to joins leagues.  This site aims for fun and laughter!

If a player is interested in The Team behind Face Up, they can read interesting bios and background information right here.  The entire site is navigable with simple clicks, nothing overly complicated.  Details for leagues and the prizes are laid out simply. The promotions page lays out some enticing prizes for potential winners.  If a player is confused or has a question, live help is available to him/her.  What are you waiting for? Check out this online poker group, but play responsibly!