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Abandon by Stephanie Dorman

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Annalise never thought she’d live to see the apocalypse, but after the 2012 election she finds herself in a world that is falling apart. Riots are occurring everywhere and when her ex-boyfriend Cort texts her with an escape plan, she accepts the invite and follows him to the mountains of Western Maryland.

Once they make it to their destination though, everything is not as it seems. The power has gone out, cell phone service is non-existent, and the six friends find themselves trapped in a vacation home with no way to discover what is going on elsewhere in the United States.

Turns out, they might not really want to know after all…

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Goodreads Summary

How many of us expect to experience an apocalypse?  When Annalise's life turns upside down, she reacts very well.  The reader will be instantly absorbed in her character as she navigates her new surroundings and figures out her best chances for survival.  When her ex, Cort, invites her to go to the mountains in Western Maryland, she takes him up on it and sets off on a new adventure.  However, the exciting aspect of surviving the apocalypse slowly slips away as Annalise realizes that monsters may actually be around every corner and that nothing can be counted on.

This was a very fast read.  The plot moved so quickly that the reader may feel like the book ended much too soon.  Annalise was easy to root for; brave and strong, she was an ideal female main character.  Cort was interesting, the reader will likely find that he/she loves him right off the bat or hates him.  The other characters added to the suspense and plot-building.  Dorman detailed the plot from Annalise's point of view.  The reader will desperately want to know everything that is going on, but the reader will be limited by Annalise's perspective-a facet of the novel that is strangely interesting.  Some readers (like me!) will be disappointed that there was not a lot of survival skills or tips built into the plot.  Overall, this book is worth a read and recommended to adult readers.

4 Stars

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  1. Evie said...:

    Annalise seems to be the type of character that I like.
    I'm looking forward to this book now.

  1. I honestly try rather hard to not think about the apocalypse. No point, really. And I like to be happy and cheerful as much as possible. Thinking about that regularly would be quite the downer. Anyways, the book sounds....good. Like a lot of other books you hear about nowadays. From the looks of the cover, and some of the premise, it sounds like it is dealing with more than just people. Well, humans. Maybe there are some zombies thrown in there? Or cannibalism? Who knows. I honestly can't say that I would read this one, but it sounds like a book that a lot of people would definitely enjoy. Thanks for the review!